George To Be In Eli Stone Season 2 If Time Allows

With news that ABC has renewed Eli Stone for a second season, one question has been over the role of George Michael.  Would producers want to continue with that theme, or take the next season, and Eli, in a different direction?

Well – here’s the answer. George Michael will be part of Eli Stone Season 2, providing George’s schedule and filming schedules can be worked out.   The issue that might cause problems is that George has time commitments that simply can’t be changed with his 25 Live US tour this summer.    The producers of Eli Stone want George to be in the second season.   So, my guess is – if it’s possible for them to work filming his parts around his touring schedule, they will.  Where there’s a will, there’s usually a way – so I think people should be cautiously optimistic that something involving George will happen.  Whether they’ll be time for George to do a “full episode”, like he did in season 1, though, we’ll just have to wait and see….

2 thoughts on “George To Be In Eli Stone Season 2 If Time Allows

  1. yeah, please George make it happen you were great, so please try to give the in-between-concerts’ time to filming

  2. A clever way they can put George Michael in the show without him having to interrupt his busy schedule this summer is to have his music videos playing on the televisions sets in the background during many of the scenes. Better yet, still have Eli Stone have visions with different acquaintances singing more George Michael tunes. This way, George Michael can still be there in spirit even if he can’t break away to be filmed this season. Of course, the best idea would have George Michael become a semi-recurring character and pop in every once in a while.

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