New George Michael Single…

So… George is hiring Dita Von Teese to be in the video for his new single.  Great plan!   I’m sure she’ll blow that cold of his right away!  So, he’ll be feeling good in no time…

10 thoughts on “New George Michael Single…

  1. Oh, Dita, my alter ego!!! Or, at least, one of them! *giggles*

    It ‘d be fun if it’s true… though not as much fun as the other one that crossed his mind recently. You know the one, Remarkable..?

  2. I hope he does release something exciting at last!!! His music has been boring for the last decade or so… SFTLC wasn’t so but it wasn’t his music either.

    Of course, you only get real hits when you write straight from the heart… hmmm, bit of a problem there for Georgette…

  3. I’m not grasping the logic of your statement, Rem: if *she* is to blow the ‘cold’, how is George getting a dose of the medicine that he’s needy of? LOL!

  4. @ amazone: No, it should be “von Treese”, but the guys at Playboy spelled it wrong and forgot the ‘r’.

    I would rather lock him, her and me in the recording studio while Dita makes the coffee and she and I give George some new ideas for new songs😀

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  6. “Oh, Dita, my alter ego!!! Or, at least, one of them! ”

    Well, not really… I knew little about her when I said that. Since then, I ‘ve read a few interviews of hers and a short bio the other day, and I just have to retract. Dita is no alter ego of mine. Some aspects of her persona I can relate to but the persona is not her… she’s a lot of things I don’t connect with. Sorry Dita!

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