George Michael To Duet With Jonas Brothers On Idol

Yes, it’s true.  Pop iron man, George Michael is shortly set to perform a duet with the Jonas Brothers, live on the Finale of American Idol.   They will perform a medley of George’s songs, including, “Nothing Looks The Same In the Light”“Come On”, and a new song George has written especially for tonight’s show, called “I Ask You, What The Fuck Am I Doing Here?”

Speaking backstage before the show, George said,

“I’m so excited to be here to see my old friends Randy and Paula.    I love what they and their pal Simon Cowell have been doing for the music industry.  It’s so inspiring.  I know some people say I’m compromising my integrity by sharing a stage with the Jonas Brothers, but I don’t think that’s fair. I mean, they’re not totally shit.  OK. They are. But doyouknowwhatImean?”

Should be fabulous!  Set your PVRs now!

Update: OK. OK. No Jonas Brothers duet… but here’s George singing Praying For Time from last night’s Idol finale…

24 thoughts on “George Michael To Duet With Jonas Brothers On Idol

  1. Couldn’t believe George was doing Idol! Glad he is doing it cuz I love watching the show (although I NEVER purchase any of their albums) but so unlike him!

  2. I hope he feels better now, poor George , he often has a cold!!! I haven’t been able to watch it yet, i can’t wait!!! July is not far away!!! Wow, it all so exciting!!!

  3. Psychologically speaking, when does a man sell out? I can think of the following reasons:

    a)Desperation in private life

    b)Desperation in professional life

    c)Illness- mental and/or physical. Some people’s personalities change drastically when confronted with a serious illness/ailment. And if that affects their sex life, or rather the sex life they wish they had, the personality change can be even bigger.

    There’s a fourth possibility but it would require a very elaborate post to explain, no time for that.

  4. Or, Calliope, there’s philosophical question that could be asked: when does a man become a pragmatist?

    Isn’t the truth that going on the No.1 TV show in the US was simply an intelligent thing to do, given that he has tickets for a US tour to sell?

  5. What you call an “intelligent thing to do”, I call desperation. Which I just covered in reason b). But that term is not wholly negative either, more of an observation than a value judgement, in the sense that we live in a desperate world. Very few people can resist all the BS.

  6. Calliope, I hear what you say. I don’t agree though. I think what George did is actually the opposite of desperate.

    Why? Because, to be desperate is to believe your situation is hopeless. I suspect that George is actually hopeful that there will be a big demand for tickets to his shows… The challenge, therefore, is to let everyone know the tour is happening. So, what better way to get the word out than to sing on a show that gets so many viewers, and has so much written about it in the press?

    After his performance last night, suddenly, people are talking about George Michael being “hot” again…

  7. I think George always has a cold because he’s always rubbing his nose. That’s how germs spread, George!

  8. Calliope, are you saying it’s desperate for him to go on tour at all? If not, then why wouldn’t he want to promote his tour?

  9. @ Remarkable & Julie

    No, I ‘m not saying it’s desperate of him to go on tour. But George has expressed himself very negatively about the whole Pop Idol culture in the past. But now that he needs the promotion he has no problem perfoming on that show. So, yes, to me that looks like a desperate move.

    What else could he do? Well, obviously, he could do fewer shows and a different kind of promotion but that wouldn’t be such a lucrative deal I guess. Cause at the end of the day, no matter what he says, the main reason this tour has happened/is happening is money. George thinks the end justifies the means. I don’t.

    And then, how about the Murdoch deal? Isn’t that selling out? Oh, wait, now they can’t really diss him in their papers… So again, that’s the “intelligent thing to do”, wouldn’t you say, Remarkable?

    And how about the money he accepted for those private gigs? Has he checked how these people made their billions? By accepting their millions it’s like endorsing their modus operandi which I suspect is less than honest. You don’t make billions doing an honest man’s work.

    In most people’s behavior, you will find contadictions… the problem with George is there ‘ve been too many… way too many… and the gap too great… As a result, a lot of his songs, including Praying For Time, have lost their power…

  10. By the way, is it true that American Idol is the No1 TV show in US??? OMG…

    Remember when George used to talk about the dumbing down of American culture..?

  11. Calliope–You say you’re not being judgmental, but you are. I don’t care why he decided to perform on American Idol. I’m a longtime fan and enjoyed watching him perform live on American tv for the first time in ages.

    Who are you to say how he should make his money? Would it really make you feel better if he played smaller venues? Who cares where he plays or how much money he makes?

  12. Well, if having a strong opinion and daring to question things that most people are happy to shallow is deemed judgemental by some, then I ‘m happy to be so!!!

    Who am I to say how he should make his money… now that’s amusing to me… very amusing indeed… when the time is right, you ‘ll get your answer…

  13. Hey Calliope!!! Hello, hello… your opinion is RIGHT AGAIN (as usual or as always)!!!😀

    Agree with whatever bad that people say (if right) about George!
    Hi George!🙂

  14. Calliope–You’re the one who said you weren’t being judgmental. We’re all judgmental. It’s easy to judge celebrities, isn’t it?

  15. “You don’t make billions doing an honest man’s work”

    why not? Some people can🙂

  16. @Derek_Advocate

    Hey…!!! Have I ever told you how much I like your nickname on this blog? No, I dont think so. But I do, I really do.😉


    OK, we ‘re different people, we come from different cultures, maybe my way of making observations and stating my view or sharing how I feel about certain issues comes across as judgemental to you. Not much I can do about it.

    Can we move on to something more constructive now?


    Undone loves you!!!

  17. @Seba.GM

    Maybe my definition of honesty differs from yours?

    But if you know for a fact someone who’s made billions without compromising their integrity in the least, without practicing tax evasion, without exploiting their employees etc, then please tell me about it. It will be interesting to study their career.

    In anycase, even if such people exist, my comment was specifically about the people George chose to sing privately for.

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