Eli Stone – That’s A Wrap!

Well, that’s a wrap, folks. Eli Stone’s thirteen episode run is over.   It’s been great.   I’m not going to talk about what happened in case some people haven’t seen it yet.  Suffice to say – the final epside is a super-strong ending to a series that only improved during the course of the season.  I find hard to believe that a quality production like this won’t be picked up for a second season; but we live in strange times when it comes to TV, witness the popularity of reality shows.   Here’s what Eli Stone’s creator, Greg Berlanti, had to say to E! Online about the prospects for a second season…

“Unfortunately we don’t know anything. But I can tell you this: Marc Guggenheim and I—as well as the cast, crew and other writers—are insanely proud of the show. Like any show, there was a learning curve, and our best episodes are clearly the last four or five.

“We just hope anyone who wants the show to come back will let that be known to ABC. And thanks so much to you and to all the fans who have reached out. It’s a great show, and it’s been immensely rewarding to have put something so unique and, hopefully, inspiring on the air.”

So, if you want more Eli, please head on over to ABC’s Eli Stone message boards, and let ABC how much you loved the show, and how much you want to see them make a second season.  It would be cool if you signed the “Save Eli” petition too!   This is not a “done deal” by any means.  Your opinion and support counts.

15 thoughts on “Eli Stone – That’s A Wrap!

  1. It would be a very sad place out there without Eli. Let’s hope he stays, because… “He’s still got so much to do!”

    Eli, don’t gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    Or, as George would put it *arms reaching out* PLEEEEEAAAASE, STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

  2. If you do a search on Youtube of ELI STONE, you get a bunch of clips that include GM. Especially the IWYS episode where he appears in earthly form and has a big part.

  3. What it was…. this morning, Youtube was running smoothly, it was so easy to watch it!!! So many times when I try to see something on youtube the film stops and it takes soooooo long to re-start, then it stops again , it is so slow!!

  4. @ Pippi: once you manage to access Youtube again, why don’t you save the clip, you can do it very simply with Real Player. You’ll need to download free the latest software updates for this player here: http://www.real.com/welcome/welcome.html)

    Then just click on Real Player Library and find the clip, forever at your fingertips. Enjoy🙂

  5. @ Pippi: I forgot to tell you that once you have downloaded the newest version of Real Player, go to Youtube, right click on the video window you’ve chosen and the option “save in Real Player” will magically appear from the menu. Les jeux sont fait.

  6. I am a little bit worried!!
    When I was dowloading ” Real Player” yesterday, my anti-virus software allarmed me that what I was downloading was potentially high risk for my computer, I chose to carry on and now i am feeling worried. I hope that nothing damaging will happen to my laptop!!

  7. Thank you for including petition link in your blog.🙂
    almost 600 signatures there now.

  8. when will something new come, after a night with Georges orgies and Kenny sitting in last row watching.LOL

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