George Michael Converts To Scientology

George Michael has converted to Scientology, the rapidly growing religion which counts celebrities such as Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Lisa Marie Presley and Jonny Lee Miller amongst its ranks.   George has previously dabbled with Judaism (his mother had Jewish roots), Christianity and even Islam.  Until recently, George wore Muslim prayer beads and a crucifix everywhere he went.

However, during the filming of his TV show, Eli Stone, his old pal Lisa Marie Presley dropped by the set and took George and new pal Jonny Lee Miller to dinner.   Over some of the best wine California has to offer, George was persuaded that it would be a great idea to convert to Scientology if he wanted his career to take off in the US again.   Looks like it’s working already, the US Tour is getting some great press and his acting performance in last week’s Eli Stone has been universally praised.   A close friend of George said, “I’ve known George since we toddlers kicking a ball around in the park.  He’s always been spiritual but never felt that mainstream organised religions offered him much – until now.  He’s really excited that people as powerful as Tom Cruise are in his new church, ‘cos he thinks Tom will be able to help with his acting career.”

A condition of George joining the church will be that he must commit to getting married to a woman.   He will be allowed to remain close friends with Kenny, but must not flaunt the friendship in public.   After being initiated into the Church a couple of weeks ago, George stated that Kenny will not be accompanying him on his US tour because Kenny “doesn’t like flying”.  He is said to have expressed an interest in marrying Spice Girl, Geri Halliwell, who he is sure will be happy to convert to Scientology too, along with her pals Victoria and David Beckham, who are close pals with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.  Kenny is said to have already given his blessing to the union.

Looks like things just keep getting better for George!  Congrats!

(see the Scientiology web-site for details)

43 thoughts on “George Michael Converts To Scientology

  1. I think Kirstie Alley would be a better partner for him. She’s already a scientologist, and her voice is deeper than George’s.

  2. HarHar, you almost(April) fooled me, until I neared the end of the post and read,”he must commit to getting married to a woman.” Not in this lifetime!

  3. Is this an April Fool’s joke? Im sure in it! Calliope, where are you?! Listen what they’re saying! Especially the last topic!

  4. This is the 1st of April joke!!!
    Ha ha ha ha.
    If George married Geri they ‘d have beautiful babies!

  5. Wow, you almost had me fooled there, until the part about ‘marrying a woman’, you should have left that out😉 Other than that, really good work !

  6. Hmmmmmmm… good point, almost forgot that. Don’t care much about Tom Cruise. Who was the lucky one before Nicole Kidman ?

  7. @ Julie: I know. I wonder who was the woman who put George off women for good.

  8. @ Miss Freeek!

    During the nineties, I would have sworn it was me. I used to have all sorts of past-life dreams & visions and… you know the kind of stuff for which “some people” call you delusional… Oh, of course I can’t prove that is was actual past life… {besides, I don’t believe in past, present, future being seperate}… But anyway, I know I had those experiences along with other metaphysical experiences… And I know I tried to contact him because I actually wanted to talk to him about it, plus to say “I ‘m sorry if this stuff I saw in my minds’ eye happened to us in another life”…But I didn’t manage to speak to him…

    Given that he’s gotten my letters and read my posts throughout the years, I guess he either didn’t feel he recognized me from another life or he did and he wanted to punish me. Can you ever punish another without punishing yourself? Hmmm…

    Of course it could also be that he was too confused… Whatever, it feels like such a long time ago.

    Now… let’s suppose that it was all true… and that I did something to put him off women in another life…could it be that in yet another life, or even more than one, on this planet or another, he put me off men?… Isn’t karma supposed to work that way?

    Whatever, even if it does work that way, it’s not fair. It’s like wanting to hold an actor whose character was unkind in a previous movie accountable in his latest movie too… I ‘m more concerned with stuff that people do to me in this life…

  9. @George

    if you go to the false church like organisation Scientology, i dont buy your songs anymore. Even not the forums to pay.

  10. @Miss Freeek!

    Whatever value there is to your suggestion that a woman “put him off” other women… I ‘m sure you are aware that George’s sexuality(and any other person’s for that matter) is a much more complex subject than what you ‘re trying to suggest. Even George himself has mentioned in quite a few interviews that he considers his family background rather dysfunctional. And then the whole story with his uncle Colin seems to have affected him deeply… Things are never one-dimensional.

  11. And then there is the fact that he is an artist… Artists are naturally more into their feminine side. It doesn’t mean that one has to be gay to be in touch with that part of their psyche… Still, the way George has developed over the years, even though he likes singing songs about women, even though some of them seem very meaningful to him, I pick up more feminine energy in him than before. It often feels like he just needs to be emotionally that way right now. Maybe when he can make peace with his masculine side and all the male figures in his life then he could integrate everything in a balanced way…

    Anyway, George has his angels like we all do…they will guide him into the light eventually…

  12. @Calliope Iris

    You seem very enlightened and I kind of dig where you’re
    coming from; I believe that George like many gay folks have a genetic disposition towards homosexuality and it is a very complex subject.But are you saying, that his life will some how become balanced and he will turn straight(the light)someday? HMMM..
    I’m just curious. I’m a fan,too.

  13. @Karen

    No, when I said light, I didn’t mean heterosexuality necessarily. I meant a different state of mind… one consisting of a love/peace vibe that he doesn’t exude right now… Then he can give up the substances and all other unhealthy lifestyle choices for good.

    Whether George shares his life with a man, woman or a goldfish for that matter, it wouldn’t make a difference-as long as he made peace with himself and everyone in his life.

    Easier said than done but easier than sometimes imagined.

    Regarding genetic disposition(or is it “predisposition” the correct term?)… when you believe that your soul makes choices on a higher level before incarnating then the (pre)disposition becomes a vehicle for those choices…

  14. Oh Calliope… George’s not worth such diggings; sorry George, but during years I’ve learned that the more superficially you accept people the better for you and no need to judge them at all: so Calliope, leave those searchings for “truth” and “harmony”, it’s quite painful, I know…😉

  15. Very funny!! Geri would think all her dreams had come true, wouldn’t she just!

  16. Why, why, why…Anyway maybe George is anyway the daddy of Geris daughter, why then dont marry. I think only to be or to call George, Geri is a happy girl…And if not why would George gave so much money to Geris daughter?

  17. @Derek_Advocate

    Oh, I totally disagree!!! I don’t believe in accepting anyone superficially. Feels like a compromise to me, meaning a compromise of my values etc.

    Regarding digging and stuff… oh but the name is Jones, Indiana Jones… remember? She’s all about digging!😉

    As for George not being worth the effort, I deff have felt that way sometimes but I ‘m not one to stay down for too long. I know I ‘ll be lucky in love someday… very lucky.

  18. Oh, and you know, I dreamt of him last night. It was actually sweet!

    I just have to make peace with him and stick to it – this year’s belated resolution.

  19. Ok it’s of course your decision! It’s only my way to put things… I’ve been diggin too long, actually my whole life and that hasnt given me anything good, only pain and loss of realty. And that’s my final strategy to fight against pain: regarding George and anyone else: this is just to be EASY! I dont mean be stupid or superficially dumb, I mean to take people a bit according to their appearance, if your know what I mean… Sometimes diggin you loose “truth”, as sometimes its written on the face and not in idealogical searchings… Going deeper is too painful for the one who has experienced it a lot😉 but sure a nice “journey” – as you say, for those who have just started or they just enjoy it!

    So do what you enjoy!

    Dreamt of him again? Hem, he’s taking the previous role in your life…?!

    Congratulations, George, Calliope’s the deepest fan of yours, and I really wish you to choose her if you REALLY decide to marry a woman!!!

  20. Oh my god, you guys are taking this too far!!!
    come on, it’s only April Fool’s joke

  21. Very, very funny. I have to say that i almost believed it until i read “must commit to getting married to a woman”! LOL!! Unfortunatelly, that won’t ever happen. And i don’t think GM would ever pick Geri Halliwell! He would pick me !!

  22. @Derek_Advocate

    You won’t rest till George is married, huh!!!

    And now you wanna get me married too! So very kind, so very kind, but I can’t even think of marriage at this point… And with George,… …there was a time that I did feel very married to him… like a marriage of souls… And I haven’t experienced something equally strong for anyone else… not yet… but I guess it’s a matter of time…

    I want to be with someone who’s waiting for me… Like that Michel Legrand song… I Will Wait For You… George loves to sing about Waiting but in real life he’s not like that… I mean, you can’t be waiting for someone truly while being in a relationship with someone else….

  23. It’s just very important for me to reach a place of perfect peace with George… I know he’ll always be in my thoughts one way or another…

    The dream… oh, it was just me & him attending an open-air lecture of some kind… we were trying to find a way to speak to each other…

    OK, enough about all that. If you have any interesting thoughts on Scientology…

  24. No, I dont…🙂 better go on by emails!🙂 hey, when will your website be finally reachable??

  25. Good question… There’s been so many delays with this site… still looking for the perfect graphic designer… but I ‘ll probably get something ready in the next three months and leave perfection for later. In any case, when something’s up & running, you will know!

  26. Happiness to everybody! Beauty and Mothers’ Day in Armenia! Congratulations!

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