George Michael On Eli Stone – A Review… Sorta…

George Michael had a major role on Eli Stone last night.  How did he do?  Well, I don’t want to spoil the episode for those that haven’t seen it yet.  Suffice to say – the boy done well!   This is George’s most substantial acting role to date, and his best performance too.  Definitely worth watching.

Eli Stone has turned out to be a great series.  I hope it gets picked up for a second, full season…

8 thoughts on “George Michael On Eli Stone – A Review… Sorta…

  1. I don’t know what it is with, i cannot enter inside and also it completely destroys my laptop. I am scared to go there now😦

  2. And in the middle of the great performance, an advertisement came on “see George Live at TD Banknorth Garden on July 27” with video of the Wembley opening! What a surprise and very cool!

    Best line: either “would you please stop poking me?” or (without giving too much away) the line about the sunglasses! LOL!

    Eli Stone is much better when George is in it!

  3. Pippi, Ann, everyone: just download the file. Go to and enter eli stone 9 in the search.
    Lots of similar other torrents sites have every episode uploaded within hours of the screening in the US.

  4. RE: “Would you mind not poking me”–that’s the first time George has ever asked that of a man. Har har.

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