Listen To George Feeling Good

Wanna hear George Michael singing Feeling Wood Good?   From anywhere in the world, you can now listen to a short clip.


You can now listen the whole song.  Note: this might work best in Internet Explorer.


10 thoughts on “Listen To George Feeling Good

  1. So far, I think the PR work is brilliant for the tour including the whole Eli Stone build-up, the advertising for the tour in conjunction with this; the release of parts of this song, etc. And there’s probably more to come.

    Since George is known in the US in a very different way from the UK, especially, and the rest of the world — where he is seen as a pop star, I think all of this is will bring in huge numbers of fans at the various venues to see and hear the soul boy they know him as here in the US.

  2. George Michael doing his best George Michael impression, sounds like a parody.

    Just bloody sing.Baby.

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