GM USA Today Interview – A Translation

George Michael has given an interview to USA Today, while wearing some old pyjamas with holes in the trousers, to  promote his forthcoming US Tour.  Some of the things George says require clarification because the interviewer included only partial quotes or misunderstood what George was saying when he was talking with a mouthful of Sainsbury Taste The Difference cookies, dunked in tea.  You might want to read the complete article first, and them come back here…

George quote:  “My hair is much shorter and browner. And I don’t dye it.”

What he actually said was –  My hair is much shorter and browner. And I don’t dye it – Nicky Clarke does.

At one point George is said to have “encouraged his interviewer to check out a “crude” video segment on the Internet from one of his U.K. concerts”

What he actually said was – Have you seen the Two Girls One Cup video?  Check it out.  It’s like watching a Gary Barlow concert, don’t you think?

On the subject of getting “married”, George is quoted as saying:  “I don’t see any reason to have an official form of ownership.”

What he actually said was: Paul McCartney said to me – DON’T FUCKING DO IT, George! Don’t quote me on that, please.

Everything else in the interview is clear, I think.

15 thoughts on “GM USA Today Interview – A Translation

  1. I am sure that he doesn’t listen to anybody expecially when it is about his own feelings.

  2. This man gets on my nerves, he talks some trash.He is so full of crap! he says he DOESNT dye his hair!?!!!??!?


  3. So now he’s not marrying him… Right… No, I never believed he was going to go ahead with it but I felt disgusted that he sank so low as to say something to the press that he never intended to do… especially since he chose to use the picture of the AMOR rings next to the lyrics to Amazing in the Patience booklet… and then he went on to dedicate that song numerous times to him… Has he forgotten about all that… or is it that nothing registers with him anymore…

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