George Michael – A Formal Apology

Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog owes George Michael an apology.   We have decided to make this apology in a prominent blog post, rather than going to his house and shouting it through the letterbox.

On the June 9 2006, at precisely 10:59am, an unnamed member of the Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog staff, going by the name of “Yogster”, added some lyrics to one of George’s compositions. The song in questions is, This Is Not Real Love – also known totally incorrectly as “TSDHD” or “That Sugababes Duet He Did”.

The extra lyrics, Yogster suggested, formed part of the song that wouldn’t be played on the radio.  Rather, they would appear in a forthcoming 12inch version of the song.   These extra lyrics are as follows:

I have to leave you, and you know why

Tell me

There are some nuns (some nuns)
With their tits out
I have to wank over them

Glisten and shine
You promised me

You gotta face it, I like nuns with their tits out
And that’s real love

These extra lyrics were never printed in the context of the whole song.   And they never featured on a 12 inch mix. However, lyrics sites around the Internet found, and then stole these copyrighted lyrics, and added them into their own “official” lyrics for the song. Subsequent translations of these “full” song lyrics have now been made into foreign languages.

While not responsible for the way that these lyrics have propagated around the world, Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog recognises that these lyrics have caused George Michael stress, and that, quite honestly, it may have ruined George’s whole nun-wank-fantasy for ever.

Please note that Remarkble’s Buzzin’ Blog admits no liability or responsibility in this matter. This apology represents a full and final settlement.  So… sorry George!


The Staff of Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog

5 thoughts on “George Michael – A Formal Apology

  1. tell you what…

    i almost bet you did that little farcical issue here after you saw a last post of mine and in a subconscious way you involuntary associated with an old post here wich honestly wondered how can a “genuine” gay man wank in his adolescence years, when the sexual direction occur and act spontaneously – right steady to the target, do some fantasy “work” with those maids?

    and you did!


    poor george … taking the pill that you know will “kill” you… Just to dream and deal with thoughts that that puppet next to you is some answer to your haunting spiritual questions… . Dupe. And once again farcical. Farcical, but sad … . changed your nature.

    taking the pill that you know…

    the same, (old) same…

    (what? once again pathetically? well, i don’t think so, anymore… .

    pathetically and honest, put it that way.)

  2. Oh, how embarrassing for George!!! I’m sure when he decided to share with the public the inner workings of his hormone-soaked adolescent mind, that it would never come back to haunt him!

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