About Eli Stone…

So, I just watched the first episode of Eli Stone – the one that features the George Michael song, Faith


Updates ** Updates ** Updates

George is in Episodes 1, 7, 9 and 13 (season finale) of the first season.  In episodes 1, 7 and 13, he appears as a vision to Eli.  In episode 9, he appears in “the flesh”, as himself, asking Eli to represent him.  In other episodes, a couple of cast members are featured singing George’s songs.

Episode titles (you heard it here first) are:

  1. Pilot (Faith) *
  2. Freedom
  3. Father Figure
  4. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
  5. One More Try
  6. Something to Save
  7. Heal the Pain *
  8. Praying for Time
  9. I Want Your Sex **
  10. Heartbeat
  11. Patience
  12. Waiting For That Day
  13. Soul Free *

* Features George as Eli’s Guardian Angel in visions

** Features George Michael in “earthly” form

7 thoughts on “About Eli Stone…

  1. I saw some of the clips on Extra and Access Hollywood and saw myself in some of the clips from the filming at the Wiltern!

  2. Yes AMAZING EPISODE!!! Would have been great even without GM in it… He just makes it better.

  3. I really liked the first episode of Eli Stone. And I love George Michael songs! It was all so cool. I hope it is a long, long series

  4. HEARTBEAT.. Wow, that’s an obsure oldie (that I happen to love) The show really was great. I enjoyed it thoroughyly.

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