About The George Michael – Rupert Murdoch Thing…

Hi Everybody,

This is Remarkable.  I see that some George Michael fans around the Net are expressing their anger, on various fan-sites, at George agreeing to write for a Murdoch publisher.  To calm the situation, here’s a few things people might want to take into account:

  • George already pays Rupert Murdoch money every month for lots Sky+ subscriptions (several in each house he owns). The money for the book is being given to George in the form of discounts on Sky.  He won’t receive any actual money from this deal – just lifetime free subscriptions to Sky+ (including HD channels).
  • Harper Collins has a great reputation when it comes to publishing high-end autobiographies.  For example, they published the autobiography of Big Brother super-star Jade Goodie.  George always likes to work with the best people, so HC was a natual choice.
  • Rest assured, the fact that this is a HC book won’t mean George’s story is altered in any way.  It will be brutally honest, as always.  Yes, he might have to tone down the Murdoch criticism a bit; but a bit less of George whinging about the media is a good thing, right?

Anyway, thanks for your attention.   Hopefully, things will be a bit calmer now…  and if you’re not feeling calmer, perhaps a nice cup of tea might help?  I know just the thing for making a great cup of tea

8 thoughts on “About The George Michael – Rupert Murdoch Thing…

  1. That’s an interesting point you make here about the Sky+ Box. What really bothers me is: I sincerely hope that Sky refunds George the money he payed for the installation of the dish (I know, it’s a one-off payment, but still…)

  2. I understand that Andy Stephens is still trying to negotiate a full refund of all previous satellite dish installation charges for George. It will be a while before all the “i”s are dotted, and all the “t”s crossed on this deal.

  3. Do you know if the HD channels deal was negotiated by Andy Stephens? It would just be typical!

  4. MissFreeek, yes, I believe Andy negotiated the HD bit of the deal… but only after George said that he wanted it. As Harper Collins said, this is the biggest Sky+ subscription deal in history. No-one has ever had a lifetime subscription before, especially one that is future-proofed to include HD content.

  5. Ahhh, yes! Cpt Jack in High Definition is worth the book deal alone. Thank you for that clarification, Rem.

  6. Hmmmmmm – Remarkable. I think you’re being too kind, but let’s pretend Andy was being considerate, just for this once.

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