25 Pints Live

This is what happens when you go to the pub with George.  After a few pints – well, twenty five to be exact – there’s just no stopping him.  Before anyone can say, “Please sit down, George!  You’re embarrassing us!” he’s up on the tables, singing to the punters…

6 thoughts on “25 Pints Live

  1. Hmmm…does it mean that I’m a really ‘bad’ fan, if I’m not totaly sure that this is NOT George ???

  2. this is rob lamberti, he performing george michael songs and he have done many shows, he does a great work, but he is not george, only there is a GEORGE, and he is the best, george i love you.

  3. OMG , this is hilarious,ahahahah,the performance is however tasteless, awful, sorry i don’t like it, he is clearly not George, funny anyway, ouch my ears!!!

  4. He actually wasn’t that bad. He has a lot of George’s body language down. Some of it anyway. Not bad for an impersonator in my opinion! 🙂

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