Things You Didn’t Know #3 – George Michael The Media’s Friend

You know that George has often professed his dislike of “the media”.  What you don’t know, is that he doesn’t mind the media really.  In fact, in his latest deal with Harper Collins, George has almost certainly had to:

  • Put his hatred of Rupert Murdoch behind him (George’s publisher is a Murdoch company)
  • Agree to have his book serialised in the press, where they will misrepresent everything he’s written
  • Agree to do the rounds of chat shows, do book signings etc.

It’s unlikely that anyone would agree to hand over millions of dollars for a book, without requiring that the author does absolutely everything possible to promote it.   Good times!

9 thoughts on “Things You Didn’t Know #3 – George Michael The Media’s Friend

  1. It would be more interesting for me if the book contained revelations about his songs, when , where he wrote them. I don’t know the story behind every song, take Older or It doesn’t really matter for instance , what do they talk about??? I don’t know.

  2. This can all be viewed two ways: there will be no time for a US TOUR now that he is busy writing, OR this is all a preamble, in conjunction with the opening of ELI STONE (and the work of Michael Lippman) to the announcement of the US TOUR!

    For those of us in the US, let us hope it is the second!!

  3. Thanks for making it clear who George is in business with…and here was me thinking George was actually serious every time he spoke about how he and his loved ones got hurt by the things Rupert did (alllowed to be done)in the media. Silly me!🙂

  4. LOL! Miss Freeek! ha ha good one🙂
    I have to say, it’s quite quiet online among the fans as far as this news is concerned. I think this matter of George suddenly working for ‘the Devil’ after decades of ‘war’ with that very same person, will show which fans have principles and which fans have absolutely none. If you don’t feel a bit fooled now for taking George and his music (Through, An Easier Affair etc)serious where it concerned the hatefull press, I think it’s a good indication your middle name is doormat🙂 Mine at this moment is called duped😉

  5. OK,
    I’ve been reading the posts regarding GM’s book deal
    on some of his fan websites, and am I the only one out here not giving a fig about who he does business with?
    What better revenge for George than to take Rupert’s money and then devote several chapters of his book(thinly veiled) lambasting the “devil”. Guys,don’t take these things so personal. Go on George, with your fickle self!

  6. Rupert will laugh his head off if such chapters appear in the book, and frankly so will I. Rupert has got George in his pocket (where he is grabbing for his money!). You can’t credibly be bitching about someone when at the same time you choose to do business with that person. The revenge is not going to be plausible. But that’s alright with me, that’s George isn’t it, never really wanting to grow up.

    The only thing I take personal in this is that my support for George concerning his ‘bad press’ turned out to be based on an act. If anything positive to say about this, George should win an oscar for his acting!

    Let the man make some music and win some awards with that!

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