Things You Didn’t Know #2 – George Michael, The Writer

Yes, it’s true.  He’s not only a singer, songwriter and a furniture designer.  He’s a writer too. George Michael has signed an agreement with publisher Harper Collins to write his autobiography.  No ghost writers.  George is writing the whole thing, for real.

Harper Collins has given George a deadline for delivering the book (good luck!), with publication slated for Autumn 2009.

6 thoughts on “Things You Didn’t Know #2 – George Michael, The Writer

  1. Are you positive he’s writing it? Press releases I read don’t exactly say he is doing the writing! If he is, we won’t see it until 2017!

  2. I *think* George is writing it. I could easily be wrong though. That doesn’t mean it won’t be heavily edited, btw. It will be, I’m sure.

    I imagine the deal is contingent on HC being able to publish in late 2009. So, if he hasn’t even delivered Chapter 1 before next Christmas, they might start to get a little anxious and suggest giving him some help…

  3. Just read that he is writing it entirely himself (BBC). Should be interesting. There’s lots of editors on these blogs that could volunteer a little help if he needs it!

  4. Hem, would be nice to read… if its not a consequent “show” but something true… As I know George he’ll be too human and honest in the writing manner, which I like so much, but will he write the true facts?

    And does anybody think that the book will ever reach Armenia?😉

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