Things You Didn’t Know About George Michael #1

So, you’re a George Michael superfan.  You’re regular reader of Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog.  You know everything there is to know about George Michael.  Right? Wrong!

This is the first in an occasional series of blogs entitled, Things You Didn’t Know About George Michael.   In each part of the series, you will discover an important aspect of George or his life. An aspect about which, hitherto, you have had not even the slightest of inklings.  But enough with the pre-amble already.   Let’s get down to business.

Now, you all know that George is a creative soul.  As a super-hard-core-mega-fan, you already know that, not only does he write music, but he also enjoys design.  For example, he designs or co-designs the artwork for his albums and singles. The cool symbols on his biggest selling album, Faith, were all his own work.

That’s not where George’s design work stops, though.   What you don’t know is that George also designs furniture, and commissions his ideas for use in his own home.    A particular favourite theme, is to take an existing piece of furniture,  and have it altered to incorporate his design ideas.  For example, take the sofa pictured above.   If George bought this sofa, he might think – “Wow! This sofa is oudish!  But, how much more oudish would it be if it had secret things hidden in the arms, like a place for storing car magazines to save them from getting strewn all over the coffee table.”  And having come up with the concepts, he’d then have a craftsman implement his design ideas.

So, there you have it, “Thing #1” you didn’t know – George Michael the furniture designer. If you ever go round to George’s house for tea, it’s worth having a good poke around the furniture when he’s not looking.  You never know what suprises you might find…

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