2008 – And In US News…


10 thoughts on “2008 – And In US News…

  1. The magazine is the Los Angeles Metro Magazine and it comes out later this week.

  2. Metrosource is a national gay magazine here in the US with a specific Los Angeles & New York edition. If you are in NYC, you can already find the magazine out all over Manhattan. If you are in LA, its pretty easily gotten there too. In just a couple of days you’ll be able to see the cover art (in its entirty) at http://www.metrosource.com – Take my word for it… That is the magazine I work for…

  3. Where in NYC can i pick up a copy? I tried some magazine shops and they don’t have it.

  4. Its a free magazine so you can’t buy it in magazine shops. The easiest place to get it is at the Gay & Lesbian Center on 12th Street between 6th Avenue and Greenwich. You go upstairs and there it will be. Or in most store up and down 8th avenue in Chelsea have it along with the shops all over Christopher Streets.

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