George Michael Really Can Act…

If you’ve ever seen the somewhat rare “Home Video” from the earliest days of Wham!, you might be very surprised by this – but George Michael really can act. Don’t believe me? Well, check out George’s appearance on the Extras Christmas Special. It’s still to air in the UK, but has already been shown in US televsion, hence it showing up on YouTube…

I love how they brought George’s former neighbours Sting and Annie Lennox into it (up until the last year or so, George, Sting and Annie all lived on the same road a few doors apart). Very funny stuff!

6 thoughts on “George Michael Really Can Act…

  1. just thinking about it,i guess Catherine Tate was edited out as she’s probably not well known in the U.S

  2. Just saw the first episode of Eli Stone. George makes appearance twice for a minute counting both. The song featured in first episode is Faith.

    I would really like to see what story they have for songs like Fastlove & Freeek!. LOL.
    I really doubt this will be picked for more than 1 season. But then again i think it is just a male version of Alley Mcbeal. so it might …..

    The only thing that I like is George can be reintroduced to the USA in a more musical context. And maybe they will understand what an AWSOME artist singer writer producer & actor (considering Extras) he is !!

  3. It was the Preair DVD disc sent for preview audience.
    What you would call as the pilot episode, there is a possibility the aired episode may be diff in small ways.
    Also do look around net i am sure it will leak online on youtube or so.

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