One More Song From The Cipriani

So, you’ve seen George Michael performing Kenny To A Martini Jesus To A Child and The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, live at the Cirpriani in New York in Songs From The Cipriani. Now, with thanks to cristianonyc, you can see a little bit of George performing of Faith. Enjoy…

Faith ’08
(K to the E to the)
Kenny be praised
(K to the E to the)
Geri will save

10 thoughts on “One More Song From The Cipriani

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  2. Califlower… I cannot watch it using this computer, now I have to wait till I finish work to enjoy it, oh well still 9 hours to go at work!!!!

  3. So wonderful to see him in a relatively intimate setting! I loved the guitar player at the right applauding, too! Seems like he was in awe . . .

    Thank you!

  4. Nice to see this. He seemed to get an enthusiastic response from the crowd too, everyone singing along, considering it wasn’t a ‘George Michael’ crowd but a charity crowd that wasn’t expecting him (that’s how I understand it anyway?). He will KNOCK AMERICA DEAD when he does tour for his own crowd…come on Georgie…ANNOUNCE THOSE DATES!!

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