Season’s Greetings To George And Kenny

I thought all the readers of Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog might like to join with me in sending the Season’s Greetings to Mr George Michael and Mrs Kenny Goss-Michael. So, instead of pushing something through George’s real-world slot, I thought we could send a greeting through his virtual slot here…

Season’s Greetings


George & Kenny

with love and respect from

Everyone @ Rem’s Blog

(including the readers)

Also, I’d like to send the same wish to each and every reader and commenter on Remarkable’s Buzzin Blog. Thank you all for making Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog officially the premier on-line George Michael community, worldwide. I wish all of you everything you wish yourselves for 2008…

7 thoughts on “Season’s Greetings To George And Kenny

  1. Season’s geetings to Kenny Goss Panayiotou, Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou and everyone reading and posting in this blog. May also the New Year bring you Love,Peace and Harmony. Happy Christmas!!!

  2. Hi George & Kenny
    Just wanted to wish you both a Merry Christmas & a happy New Year. May God Bless you both and your families with good health & joy. Last Christmas has special meaning for me. It was the last time my Mom & Dad danced & my Mom had a big smile. My mom passed away two years ago of cancer & Parkinson. My Dad passed away this year. I flew out to see you at Wembley & when you sang Last Christmas I cried (happy tears). The production was beautiful. Thank you for your Christmas gift of music!!!

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