George Michael Has Been Busy This Week

George Michael has been pretty busy this week in New York. What’s he been up to? Well, one thing on his “To Do” list was playing an intimate five-song acousting set, including a duet with one Aretha Franklin not including a duet with Aretha (see the comment from AL, who attended the show) – it was a charity show for UNICEF and the Sarah Ferguson Foundation in the Ballroom at Cipriani Wall Street.

For anyone annoyed that no-one was told about this – this was not the original plan for the show. Andrea Bocelli had been scheduled to perform – and George and Aretha stepped in to replace him. In any case, this is an extremely limited seating venue, filled with corporate sponsors who have paid over a hundred thousand dollars for cocktails, dinner and a concert, once a month for a few months. So, it’s not the kind of gig you can really buy a ticket for.

Other than the little show, while in NYC, George fitted in a a dinner with Kenny at Nello’s – a restaurant where, if you’re not very careful, they’ll offer to serve you a plate of pasta with truffle shaved on top as a “special”. They won’t tell you the price… but when the check comes, you’ll find they’re asking for $280 per portion, plus service. Bargain!

I hope George and Kenny ordered off the menu, because pasta with $280 worth of winter truffle shaved on top would be enough to make anyone throw up. It’s an ingredient to be used in small quantities; a fact which may well have escaped owner Nello Balan… Personally, I would recommend anyone that wants to eat high-class Northern Italian food forgoes the “experience” at Nello, and instead heads across the Atlantic to visit the excellent Locanda Locatelli in London. At least there, if you must insist on a plate of pasta with truffle on top, they tell you the price up-front ($130)…

18 thoughts on “George Michael Has Been Busy This Week

  1. I too eat lots of carrots. I can cook a nice northern Italian dish to George and Kenny for free!! How about gnocchi with pesto!!! I wish I could have been there to enjoy once again his angelic voice!!

  2. Lol @ carrots! And Lol @ gnocchi with pesto. If you want to tempt George and Kenny, Pippi, why don’t you try Polenta with Porcini trifolati and veal escalopes in white wine sauce? For starter I suggest a risotto, the ultimate Northern Italian dish! (I hear Remarkable has a few risotto recipes up his sleeve, ask him for details😉 )

  3. Forget the food! Do we know what song George and Aretha sang together? Do we have a you tube clip yet?

  4. Ann, not sure what the duet with Aretha was (the obvious one would be I Knew You Were Waiting, of course). Seems George’s set totally blew everyone away – he’s a class act. Not sure how Aretha did, or how the support act, Annekei, went down (she seems quite cool though)….

  5. I’m gonna guess they sang some Stevie Wonder classic, not their original duet. But I’d love to know what it was.

  6. I’ve always thought that by now he would be releasing a dvd on 25 live… but nope….😦

  7. Hi Guys there was no duet! George did his set and it was brilliant!! Then Ms. Franklin took the stage after a band change and played till after midnight….(Areatha announced the duet as the end of her act but I suspect that by time George had left as it was after midnight so she ended the show solo).

    It was a great way to end the year!!…enjoy the Youtube vids…I should have taken more..but I so wanted to really enjoy the moment…

    Aretha Franklin

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