George Taking Too Long With New Song?

According to The Sun

GERI HALLIWELL and GEORGE MICHAEL, on/off buddies for years, are having one of their spats.

The friendship has taken a severe blow over a song he was supposed to be writing for the SPICE GIRLS.

Problems started when the Spices agreed to Geri’s request to ask George — whose 2004 album Patience entered the charts at No1 — to pen their first comeback single.

But he took too long over it, tempers frayed and the two Gs have fallen out.

A source said: “George was more than happy to write a song.

“But Geri was frustrated how long he was taking to finish it.

“She wrote Headlines (Friendship Never Ends) with Emma instead. George was furious. He has been fed up with Geri’s ‘Me, me, me’ attitude.

“She’s still really good mates with his boyfriend, KENNY GOSS, who’s been acting as a go-between in their battle.”

Oh dear, showbiz pals eh?

One minute they are your best mate, but it can take one Careless Whisper and Wham! …you can’t stand the sight of each other any more.

That’s according to The Sun, though, so take it with a pinch of salt. Actually, take it with more than a pinch… ‘cos I can exclusively reveal that George has already finished a brand new song for the girls. It’s a great new dance track called “Spice Shake”. A pal of the former Wham! star told Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog, “Spice Shake is a fabulous song. It’s totally new, honest.” However, the song is so good that George is now undecided whether to hand it over to the girls or not. He may prefer to keep it for himself. The pal commented, “George always likes to keep his best songs for himself., and if it’s really good, he prefers to not even release it. George believes that great songs are very private things and should never be heard by anyone but the songwriter.”

8 thoughts on “George Taking Too Long With New Song?

  1. A new song called “Spice Shake”? Are you teasing us???? Are you saying that the songs we find on his albums are less good than the ones he didn’t realise?? Don’t believe you!!! Show me.

  2. Here’s what really happened (from a reliable source): George did finish the song, but changed his mind and decided to give the song to Amy Winehouse instead. Needless to say, Geri is quite miffed. Amy Winehouse is ecstatic. And George and Kenny are doing fine.

  3. “George believes that great songs are very private things and should never be heard by anyone but the songwriter.”

    You know that old saying about ‘many a true word spoken in jest’? 😉

  4. guys check out the version of I knew you were waiting for me from Aretha franklins album Jewels in the Crown.
    It has minor changes to original version.

  5. one more cover of Last christmas Taylor Swift has covered it on her new country xmas CD. Nothing special. But it has entered Billboard charts on Hot Country Songs, where Taylor Swift’s “Last Christmas” is the top debut at No. 48.

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