Michael’s Kitchen Nightmares

Buoyed by his success in making steak fajitas for London’s homeless, George Michael has taken his “sizzling skills” across the Atlantic, cooking his signature dish for workers at the Goss Michael Foundation Restaurant in Dallas. However, on eating the dish, one worker, going by the mysterious name of “Chef Ramsay” was quoted saying,

Goddd, my eyes are burning! I almost vomited! How could you serve this?

Hmmmmm… not good. I wonder where George got the steak from? Maybe somone should have told him that ten-foot-tall glass box, with a big cow in it, isn’t a fridge?

There have also been reports of the restaurant serving up dishes covered in flies.   Read the full story of recent events in The Dallas Morning News

One thought on “Michael’s Kitchen Nightmares

  1. They paid $7 million for that dead cow?? Hope it appriciates in value so they can flog it on to some other mugs…er…I mean another gallery!! 😉

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