I Knew Which Side My Cow Was Buttered

“When I knew which side my cow was buttered, I took the knives as well…”

See this work, and others, live errr… I mean, dead @ the Goss Michael Foundation in Dallas Texas, each and every day of the week except Sundays until March 2008.

17 thoughts on “I Knew Which Side My Cow Was Buttered

  1. I hope that that one is not a real cow, I don’t like to see animals abused for human art.

  2. Did they kill the cow with the promise to became a celebrity? I wonder if she or he left little ones behind!!! I don’t think I could watch that poor beast with nothing but a sense of pity.

  3. LMAO @ pity for cows. Come on – they taste good (butter or no butter). In fact, I’d have them all slaughtered when they’re still calves: the tenderness of the meat is just perfect for some of my favourite recipes. Yum!

  4. Of course,Remarkable. I did think about that, but then, why not have a selected 10% allowed to grow into cows (and breed) and the rest all cut and packaged as babies, ready for my veal scaloppine?

  5. I wonder…, if they had put a dog or a cat inside that frame, would the effect be the same????

  6. Good question, Pippi. I guess it depends on what audience it’s exposed to. For instance, dogs in China have pretty much the same value that cows have to us.
    And I know a particular town in northern-east Italy, where cats are the equivalent of dogs to the Chinese…

  7. LOL Pippi!!! In that “particular town” Italian people ate cats soon after the end of the Second World War🙂

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