With My Hand On Your Tie…

I think it’s amazing…

7 thoughts on “With My Hand On Your Tie…

  1. I find the image of George’s hand on his “tie” a lot more intriguing that the original one…

  2. yes, amazing cause we now know how Re sounds…infront of his computer without showing his new neckless

  3. This guy who is singing is not George, I can’t explain what it is, this guy has got something that makes me feel uncomfortable.I have got a bad vibe watching this guy, nothing to do with the song. It is aboutthe reason why he wants to appear on Youtube , I think that he would do anything to be famous, I mean anything, even selling his own mother!!!1

  4. @ Pippi: that’s interesting. The guy does seem a bit creepy, especially considering that we cannot see *exactly* what he’s doing with his hands😉 So, maybe, Tie-Less-Guy, if you are reading, show us more! (Sorry Pippi🙂 )

  5. i was laughing my ass of when i heard it the first and last time. so it is a shame that here are not more comments.

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