George’s Michael’s Favourite Author Wins Nobel Prize

Thought you’d like to know… George Michael’s favourite author, Doris Lessing, has just been awarded the 2007 Nobel Prize for Literature. Congratulations Doris! On hearing the news, the writer said,

“(In the 1960s) they sent one of their minions especially to tell me they didn’t like me at the Nobel Prize and I would never get it… So now they’ve decided they’re going to give it to me. So why? I mean, why do they like me any better now than they did then? They can’t give a Nobel to someone who’s dead, so I think they were probably thinking they had better give it to me now before I popped off… I’ve won it. I’m very pleased and now we’re going to have a lot of speeches and flowers and it will be very nice.

Good stuff! As well as the honour of receiving the Nobel Prize, Lessing will also receive £763,000 (c. $1.5 million USD). Not much, when you think about it – I mean, it’s not even enough to hire George Michael to perform at your Nobel celebration party….

More info from BBC News...

3 thoughts on “George’s Michael’s Favourite Author Wins Nobel Prize

  1. Well Doris’s wide-ranging CV does include collaborating with the musician Michael Berkeley on an oratorio, for which she wrote the libretto, so maybe we’ll see a George-Doris musical collaboration of some kind. I could see them getting on like a house on fire. I was delighted to hear George nominate “any book of short stories by Doris Lessing” as his Desert Island book. What taste the man has. How about a musical version of “The Grass is Singing”, her first published novel and one of her best – the title would seem appropriate for a George treatment.

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