UK Version of Hell’s Kitchen Hilarious

The UK version of Hell’s Kitchen is currently playing host to chef Marco Pierre White (Gordon Ramsay’s mentor), and the usual bunch of “celebrities” who want to raise their profiles. It is truly hilarious.

The latest news is that the TV company has thrown out one celebrity, a guy called Jim Davidson, for using the term “shirt-lifter”! LMAO! What shocking language! I wonder what fraction of the gay community is actually offended by the phrase, “shirt-lifter”? It sounds so innocuous to me. It seems that the show’s producers were influenced by a gay fellow-contestant of Davidson, called Brian Dowling, that said,

When you say the word shirt-lifter you should realise it’s offensive – to anyone.

I can’t agree. But the producers were convinced. In a statement explaining Davidson’s dismissal, the TV company said, “ITV does not condone comments which could cause offence.” Sure… but whether they should let someone like Dowling define what’s offensive is open to question. He’s not the sharpest tool in the box. For example, on the show last night, in a response to it being said that GAY stood for “Good As You”, Dowling took offence and inexplicably burst in to tears. sobbing that he wasn’t going to be GAY, but instead he was going to be BAY, “Better Than You”… Errrrr… There’s really no answer to that! LOL!

2 thoughts on “UK Version of Hell’s Kitchen Hilarious

  1. I have to say that I’m totally addicted to Kitchen Nightmares on BBC America. I wonder if I’ll like the US version as much.

  2. I love watching Hell’s Kitchen, I couldn’t do what these celebrities are doing, not in such a short space of time, I am hopeless in the kitchen, I can now say that i am GAY , good as you!!

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