George Michael’s Xmas Spice

So, you’ve seen the reports.  According to these, it seems that George Michael may be going to write a Christmas song for the Spice Girls.   Is it true?  I have no idea.  However, if it is true, I’m willing to bet it won’t be a new song i.e. a song George has yet to write.  I can’t see George wanting to work to any deadlines in terms of new music.

A couple of years ago now (I think), George wrote a then-new Christmas song that he “thought” as pretty good.  It’s never been released.  Perhaps this is how it will finally see the light of day…

6 thoughts on “George Michael’s Xmas Spice

  1. Please say it ain’t so, George! Actually, since it was reported in the NOTW, it probably isn’t so! LOL!

    Nice chance to post a cool photo from the past, though!

  2. I read the story and thought NO WAY-NEVER and still hope that this is just a story. If he really wants to release that song he could put it on his web site or give it to some who will do it justice – don’t waste it on the Spice Girls!!!

  3. I’d actually be interested in hearing this song … regardless of who performs it. Nice of George Michael to toss the Spice GIrls a bone like that.

  4. Please George, don’t cheapen your talent by doing this, it’s NOT a good idea😦😦😦 !!!!!

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