They’re All Perverts And Satanists!

Marsha West – Intellectual Powerhouse


Well, there’s no denying it, I’ve had some fun at the expense of Islam recently. Of course, other religions can be just as amusing. Take Christianity, for example; and in particular take one Marsha West, who is what I think is called a “conservative Christian”. She’s truly hilarious! Here’s what she has to say on the topic of George Michael and homosexuality…

Openly “gay” singer George Michael… is a perv! … Even university libraries are not save from sexual deviates. Imagine going to the john in an airport, only to discover a couple of homosexuals having sex in the stall next to you! It’s hard to pity perverts. Pervs could care less about traumatizing kids… Anyone who would cruise a public place to engage in anonymous sex is demented!

Read Marsha’s full article, entitled, Perverts, all of them! Of course, George Michael and his “kind “aren’t the only danger facing the children of the world. Harry Potter is even worse. HP books are the work of Satan, or so Marsha “thinks”. She says,

I’d rather Christian kids not read the Potter books because Satan would like nothing more… Who knew the HP books would be such a success? Satan of course… Satan’s strategy worked. Somewhere around 325 million HP books are in print… Imagine your child… worshipping the Goddess instead of the One true God. The serious Christian must continually be on guard.

Quite right. Remember – constant vigilance. Take some polyjuice potion if you’re really worried. For more details, see Marsha’s full article, entitled, Harry, Yoda, and yoga (that’s right, she doesn’t like Star Wars either).

If the above has given you a taste for Marsha’s Christian words of widsom, you can browse all her articles. In these, you will learn many things, including:“the husband is to lead, provide for, and protect his family. The wife is to help her husband by managing the household and taking care of the children.” and that taking yoga classes can end only in destruction because of its roots in Eastern mysticism.

Perhaps the most important thing you will learn from Marsha concerns the important subject of angels. Marha’s point is that God doesn’t need angels. Now, Marsha is personally glad that God created angels, but she thinks it’s really important for people to understand that he doesn’t need them. Controversial? Oh yes. Marsha is fully aware that radical feminists won’t be pleased at the notion that God doesn’t need angels. She also lays one important question to rest. Do angels have wings? Marsha is able to confirm that, indeed, they do. Phew! That’s a relief! Errrrrr… thank God for that!

5 thoughts on “They’re All Perverts And Satanists!

  1. She’s too easy to make fun of. Most right-wing Christians are. It’s like watching Jerry Springer — you instantly feel intellectually superior.

  2. *Points the Elder Wand to Marsha West*

    {{{{{{{{{{{{AVADA KEDAVRA!!!!!!!}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    “Intellectual Powerhouse”: done.

  3. No, no, no Voldy…Harry is the true owner of the Elder Wand now!!

    As for Right Wing fundamentalist Christians…fruitcakes…all of them!

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