Thank You So Much, Jo!

So… now we know EVERYTHING! At least, those of us who’ve finished the Deathly Hallows do. I bought the book at around a quarter past midnight on the launch night, and finished it by the end of Saturday, less than 24 hours later. I honestly couldn’t put it down; what a truly great ending to the Harry Potter story. Perhaps it’s a bit early to say this, but I’m thinking this final installment is my favourite in the series.

No spoilers here, because I’m sure not every has finished the book yet. I would, though, like to say – thanks to Jo…. for this final book, and for the whole series. What a fabulous achievement it is on her part to have finished Harry’s story on such an amazing high. I’m sure Harry Potter will continue to touch new generations of readers for hundreds of years to come; and it’s really been a blast to have enjoyed this story while she was writing it. She truly deserves all the success she’s had, and whatever she writes next (after a long, well-deserved break), I’ll look forward to reading.

4 thoughts on “Thank You So Much, Jo!

  1. So true! This series has been fantastic, and I do think the last book will be my favorite.

  2. This book was brilliant. I was in tears a few times, sad I know….
    Even worse… I took it to work to read during my lunch hour! THAT’S how addictive it was.😉
    Loved it.

  3. I know the feeling, Caz. Isn’t Book 7 just totally awesome?!

    I’m so happy I got addicted to Harry! Thank you Jo!!!!!!

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