George Is Super-Excited This Morning

No doubt about it, George Michael is super-excited this morning. Some hot TV news just in will ensure that, starting next spring, George will be glued to his couch every Saturday night at 7.10pm for 13 weeks solid.

Congratulations to Catherine on her new role;  and also to Freema on hers – hopefully we’ll be seeing her in Jan or Feb…

7 thoughts on “George Is Super-Excited This Morning

  1. Remarkable can be a little cryptic at times, a.def! However, if you are a US resident and get certain cable programs, BBC America broadcasts old versions of “Dr. No” occasionally, which means that in a few years, about the time George has finally toured the US and put out some new music on the Internet, you will be able to see the Christmas program finale of “Dr. No” in the US.

    Iknow Remarkable will correct me if I don’t have this quite straight.

  2. Almost right Ann! The name of the show is “Dr Who” though.

    George favourite – Catherine Tate – is joining Dr Who in a starring role for the whole of the 2008 season…

  3. Thanks for clearing that up! One more question that I am hoping you can provide some clarification around:

    Do you think that George will actually ANNOUNCE the US TOUR (and sell some tickets to it) prior to DOING the tour in October? Not that we’re a little anxious over here . . .

  4. Ann – George will have to be in the US for the tour announcement, so that he can do a some PR. They will want to make some kind of splash about the tour announcement.

    Possible dates for announcing the US Tour might be: 23-24 July, or 27-29 July. Failing that, early August I suppose – anytime after the third. Bottom line though: not long to wait now!

  5. do you think tickets will go on sale at the time ofthe announcement, wouldn’t you know it I’m heading to the U.K. mid August for a month, can’t miss the U.S. ticket sales! Just got to pick a city to fly to. Thanks for the info.

  6. Well the lovely catherine was fabulous in the xmas special of DR WHO…

    OH what a treat for Who lover’s opps “No” lovers.


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