Allah Will Be A Bit Disappointed

There seem to have been three Islamic “terror” (ooooh, we’re so scared) attempts made in the UK in the last 24 hours: two in London; one just happened in Glasgow, Scotland.

All failed. What complete wastes of space these people are – they can’t even blow themselves up properly. It’s not like it’s difficult: make bomb; detonate; done. I bet Christian or Jewish terrorists could do this without any problem whatsoever; so why are the Muslim “terrorists” so dumb? Truly, they’re a disgrace to the name of “terror”. In fact, they’re not even fit to flip burgers – they probably couldn’t even figure out how to flame-grill a beef patty. Why in Allah’s name do they exisit? Ugggggghhh…

Now, speaking of Allah, I sure it will be a bit disappointed with these individuals. After all, as I’m sure they know, it has only one use for its followers… and that’s for them to blow themselves up. My suggestion, then, is for them to practice blowing themselves up in the privacy of their own homes. Or if making an actual working bomb is too demanding for them, then they could just drench themselves in petrol, and set themselves on fire.

Allaahu Akbar… Allaahu Akbar… Allaahu Akbar.. Allaahu Akbar… errr… Not.

16 thoughts on “Allah Will Be A Bit Disappointed

  1. Yeah, total chaos in Glasgow thanks to these arses. They DID try to set themselves on fire… pouring petrol over the car and themselves. They’re now under arrest and no doubt pretending they don’t understand English…

    I have to admit being a bit scared by it. We’re “used” to hearing about these things in London, I’ve been on 3 flights in and out of Glasgow over the last 3 weeks. The inconvenience of it all pisses me off big time.

    Keep smiling tho, it confuses these twats!

  2. then they could just drench themselves in petrol, and set themselves on fire.

    Forgot to add: Shite doesn’t burn…!!!

  3. I’m so glad Remarkable picked up on my will for all my followers.

    *********************Listen now!********************


    See you all very soon, my devoted fans!

    The Mighty Allah

  4. IGNORANT? In what way? Are you saying that the whole world doesn’t have a huge problem with fundamentalist Muslims? I don’t think your Muslim brother, Osama bin Laden, would agree with you – he thinks he’s being very successful…

    There are not nearly enough Muslims speaking up against the preaching of hatred towards the west that goes on in so many Mosques. It’s a massive problem. This is not going to end well for anyone… but I have to tell you, it’s especially not going to end well for Muslims…

  5. End well for Muslims??? My boyfriend is a devout Muslim who isnt radical in the least….and I though not practicing grew up with the teachings of the holy Qu’ran, and you should do some reading before you brand the whole faith.

    If ignoramuses like you continue to say this kind of nonsense without facts, then Osama will continue getting recruits.

  6. Kiru – I didn’t brand the whole faith. There are, however, many *many* radicalised Muslims; and those people are intent on inflicting major loss of life. For example, there are tens of thousands of young Muslim men in the UK who have been trained by Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. This is a disaster waiting to happen; and yet it seems that most non-radicalised Muslims seek to deny this. They fail spectacularly to stand up clearly against the extremists.

    Now, so far, Al-Qaeda has essentially failed in its attacks – even 9/11 was a pretty small attack. The West does nothing much in response to these minor attacks. One day, though, a group of radicalised Muslims will succeed in their aims – killing perhaps hundreds of thousands of people in a single group of attacks. When that happens, the political pressure on western leaders to respond will be simply overwhelming. They will have to act, and will be forced by public demand to demonstrate their overwhelming military superiority to hit back at Muslim countries in a devasting way.

    There will be winners here. No happy endings for anyone. However, Muslim countries will take heavier losses than Western countries, simply because Western countries have superior military capabilities.

  7. Clars, you are soooooo wrong about Remarkable. He doesn’t have a racist or prejudice bone in his body. In fact, his boyfriend is a black Jew.

  8. 8 Muslim Dr’s: Three Bombs: No Deaths

    Harold Shipman: One Dr, One Syringe, 300 Dead.

    Makes you almost proud to be British!

  9. You’re a racist, we can all agree on that, right?
    In an interview, a former Al Qaeda leader stated after these attacks that they could not have been done by Al Qaeda or any other groups along that line. Because they don’t care about British politics. Pretty much everything you’ll hear about these terrorists is wrong.
    And do you even know why they’re attacking Britain? Because we invaded their country, in a search for “weapons of mass destruction” which didn’t exist. Instead, we really invaded to steal oil, and us and the Americans are now quietly pumping it into our countries.
    It would be incredibly distressing to have your country under attack like that, so I can actually see why they’re doing something like this. Yes, it’s wrong to do it with such force, but at least try and empathise with terrorists, and see how much they hate Britain because of what we’ve done.

  10. @ Jamie

    And your ignorance continues to manifest itself… Do you even know what racism is? It seems you don’t – Islam is a religion; it’s nothing whatsoever to do with race.

    As well as being ignorant, you also appear to be extraordinarily naive when it comes to Al-Qaeda. My guess is you know next to nothing about this group of people. Now, I know exactly why they’re trying to carry out attacks in Britain. You, on the other hand, seem to have no clue about that. I’m really LMAO at your comment – “because we invaded their country”. It seems you don’t even know that Al Qaeda isn’t a country! *newsflash* Al-Qaeda has no “country” to invade!

    I hate to break it to you, but Al-Qaeda’s operations are nothing to do with the invasion of Iraq – you really need to start listening critically to what they say. Hint: people that set out deliberately to inflict death on innocent people through terror attacks sometimes do other bad things like telling lies.

    The truth is – Al-Qaeda were carrying out terrorist attacks all over the world long before the Iraq invasion. Why? Because it’s part of their strategic plan to do that… So, the reason why Al Qaeda people hate Britain is almost nothing to do with Iraq. The reason is simple: Al-Qaeda people hate anyone and everyone that isn’t a Muslim; and any country and every country that isn’t an Islamic state. They also hate any Muslim that doesn’t agree with their aims of taking over the world, and forcing Islam on everyone.

    To spell it out for you – Al-Qaeda is fighting a war where they hope to achieve world domination through carrying out acts of terror. While they’re a huge nuisance, that’s really a laughable aim on their part; which is why I take the piss out of them. They deserve to be ridiculed…

    By the way, it also seems you know nothing about the importance of oil to major economies, and thus the importance oil has for the whole world. However, I can’t be bothered to explain that to you. Just to say – the world would be in a big mess if major economies like the US and the UK failed to take long-term decisions to ensure constant access to the oil they need…

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