George Michael Fears He May Be HIV Positive

OK, so I’m going to break the rules, and link to this story in the press. As you may know, George Michael has been interviewed by Stephen Fry for a forthcoming documentary about HIV. There’s a snippet about the documentary in today’s Sun newspaper…

GEORGE Michael says he hasn’t had an HIV test for at least three years — as he’s terrified of the result.The gay singer, who likes cruising for men and was nicked for lewd behaviour in an LA loo, reveals all to pal Stephen Fry in a BBC2 documentary.

Ross Wilson, producer of Stephen Fry — HIV and Me, said: “George says he does not believe in tests.

“He says he finds the wait for results too harrowing and that he hasn’t had a test since at least 2004 due to his fears it might be positive.”

George, 44, spoke at his Dallas home.

Hopefully, this is taken out of context, and that George doesn’t have any symptoms that would lead him to suspect he has HIV. In other words, hopefully this is more about fears about medical test results in general, than any specific fears about HIV itself. That is, if you get tested for almost anything, you always tend to fear the worst when waiting for the results. That’s just human nature.

13 thoughts on “George Michael Fears He May Be HIV Positive

  1. boring

    i mean, the thing is that you are in such a lack of credibility now.

    i don’t believe it! Not a word.


    you are pathetic now

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    Come on! Where is your humour?

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    i know some people here ready and always willing to get some fun, no matter what !!! even some people go bites the dust…

    so, enjoy… spread your wings and fly awaaay !

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  2. Remarkable,I appreciate you bringing this story to us as you are always the best place for all the news. I have long feared that HIV will bring our man down, and I do hope, as you mentioned, this is taken out of context.

  3. Somehow I don’t see him being insured for the tours without undergoing a medical….

    I think this is a comment that has been taken out of context.

  4. Oh and as for HIV bring George down….I doubt it, after going that with Anselmo…I doubt it.

  5. I took these comments to mean medical tests in general, with the HIV test being the scariest. Most likely the HIV test is included in insurance medicals anyway so I wouldn’t worry. Like someone said – this is some one giving a summary of what they heard, not George actually saying anything.

  6. OK, I understood Rem… this was a warning, like “Hey, the next story on George and the newspapers will be HIV”… We’ve taken so much newspaper shit by now, that this one would not surprise me at all… And I do agree with KIRU… after what happened with Anselmo…

  7. “knowing his head”…. I understand it more like he fearing the system any offical system… and the process… he fears manipulation of all kinds opposite to me that know the existence of curruption everywhere but will prefer clear or offical ways than unclear in basic logic…

    but as people say, having had insurances, travel permissions, past surgeries… he has to have had the tests done, but I believe thah he keeps expressing his negativity and general mistrust… everytime he speaks about anything.. due to depression… and this attitude causes a lot of difficulties and adds on confusion instead of undoing it…😦

    I also believe he has been speaking a lot ironically and really insanely about his sexual life but I have never believed not even half it, but men has their pride… *rolleyes*

    if my fault is believing so, so be it but I’m not going to take any shit from tabloids nor you!!! I see terrible attitude here too😦

  8. does matter if it’s a true fear in his soul or not ?

    does that change the point of the problem ?

    true or not true in his inner soul, the risks are always and always open … with those beautiful bushes…

    what’s hilarious is that some people are farcical here….. after all this time …

    and suddenly become extremely serious

    come one people , get some fun !


    help George as you helped in 90% issues here

  9. Well, I certainly hope he’s joking. Even though it isn’t funny. I would hate for him to be infected, how awful but he should get a test, so at least he would know. It’s painful for anyone to get, nerve-wracking yet not knowing and infecting others is much worse.

  10. I hate blood tests because I hate needles so I would understand anyone who refuses to have one because of that. But if your reason of refusing one is fear of the results, then that is serious. But maybe he didn’t have proper sex between that time so it didn’t matter to him. Well, by “proper”, I mean just that, “proper”.

    To this day, I don’t get the “toilet thrill”. Psychoanalyze it all you want, it still doesn’t make sense to me. I ‘m not talking just about George here. Even people who do it in tiny toilet cublicles in planes… bleh.

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