At George’s Birthday Party Dinner

So, you ask, who did George invite to his Birthday Party at the Berkley Hotel last night? And how did the evening go? Well, as always, Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog has the exclusive inside story…

The one hundred and ten guests at the party included:

  • George’s favourite Spice Girl – Geri Halliwell
  • George’s favourite model – Elle MacPherson
  • George’s favourite artist – Tracey Emin
  • George’s favourite Little Britain star – Matt Lucas
  • George’s favourite chat show host and his wife – Michael and Mary Parkinson (update: after George’s party – Parksinson has decided to quit as a chat show host)
  • George’s favourite hair dresser – Nicky Clarke
  • George’s favourite TV presenters – Richard and Judy
  • George’s favourite former EastEnders actress – Tamsin Outhwaite
  • George’s favourite fellow Parkinson Show guest, and HIV documentary maker – Stephen Fry

The view was that Geri stole the show (and yes,Geri does read Hello Magazine – surprising, eh?)…

After enjoying a champagne reception (Cristal, the choice of rappers almost everywhere), it was time to move onto a light dinner, which included some of George’s favourite dishes.

You’ll be pleased to know that a good time was had by all; celebrities and non-entities non-celebrities alike. Dinner was a riotous affair, with the following menu (exclusively reproduced here in detail, with kind permission of G K Panayiotou):

George Michael’s Birthday Menu

To Get You In The Mood

Caesar salad with fresh Parmesan shavings

To Follow Through

Salmon with a sesame seed crust on a bed of rice and avocado

To Cleanse, Tone & Moisturise

Fresh fruit sorbet

For A Happy Finish

A selection of cheeses

Price for four courses, including wine, plus champagne and canapes : £125

Tracey Emin made George a present of a napkin that she’d accidentally spilt some Caesar salad dressing on. At least, I think it was Caesar dressing… you can never be too sure with Tracey. Kenny said it would be worth over a million quid in future, and whispered to George that he could sell easily sell it to a Russian if he didn’t like it.

After dinner, George partied away on the dance floor in the ballroom until the early hours, emerging so tired that he was asleep on his feet…

Then, it was home-time. George couldn’t wait to get back to snuggle up in bed with Kenny, Meg and Abbey. Here endeth the report…

[Sources: Marcus Wareing and Stuart Gillies]

19 thoughts on “At George’s Birthday Party Dinner

  1. I didnt eat the avacado. Thanks for saying I stole the show!!! Geri xoxox

  2. DUH!! So much for not living a celebrity life!! I thought he said he didn’t hang out with celebs!;-)

    I hope he is not a basketcase tonight in Amsterdam!! He’d better not be!:-)

  3. Imagine this…you are a pop celebrity who HATES the paparazzi. It’s your birthday…and due to pressure from your beloved partner…you HAVE to invite the biggest paparazzi magnet in Britain…who then, despite wearing a split skirt, decides to exit her car one leg at a time, there by ensuring that it’s HER picture all over the tabloids the next morning, rather than yours (even though you hate the paps, if they’re going to be there, at least get YOUR mug in the papers for a bit of publicity! As the main photo…not some little tiny pic, put into the article as an afterthought!) Ah well… Hope he had a good time anyway!

  4. They put lemon on the avacado to stop it going brown, hence the acid flavour – getting 110 plates out isn’t easy. Not sure what was up with your salmon. Perhaps a junior member of the kitchen staff pissed on your plate?

    I understand you were disappointed, though. You could have nipped off into Petrus or the Boxwood Café, if you don’t like mass catering…

  5. A junior member of the kitchen staff pissed on your plate….stop making me laugh so hard!!!

  6. Thank you remarkable. I could have nipped off to the hotel restaurants but the point of the evening was to celebrate George’s birthday, didn’t want to be rude and leave just because the catering sucked. Just saying I expected higher standards really

  7. You should be a bit more grateful, party guest. Sounds like just the main course you didn’t like. Plenty of George’s fans would have broke into his house and hidden under the floor boards for a chance to go to his birthday party. They’d have put up with one course they weren’t keen on.
    Anyway, the salmon was fine. Everyone seems fine today. No vomitting etc. Richard and Judy looked in rude health today, in fact.

  8. party guest,

    Thanks for the feedback. We will let the Berkley know. I agree with you. I kept popping into the Blue Bar for a sly martini and some of those beautiful caramalized nuts they do.

    Thanks for coming to the party,


  9. Seems they all have a hellufa time….Kenny leavin wit his buttons loose and tie off😉

  10. So now that George has celebrated his birthday, how about he give us all a big present by announcing his US tour?

  11. Jamie and I had a bake-off to determine who could offer up the best gnocchi for the event, but Kenny thought both our fees too high and preferred to spend George’s money on art rather than food.

  12. Lol “Gordon”! Maybe Kenny was put off by the fact that you can’t spell your own name correctly, sweetie.😉

  13. …”George couldn’t wait to get back to snuggle up in bed with Kenny, Meg and Abbey.” Heem……… well done George! Anyway could I ask who are Meg and Abbey?!

  14. @Derek_Advocate

    Meg and Abbey are the dogs. Now my question: does he actually take them in bed with him? *rolling her eyes*

    Oh, I ‘m sorry, I know lots of people do that but when I hear that, I just wanna run. Not my thing at all.

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