Iranian and Pakistani Governments On Rushdie

“Salman Rushdie has turned into a hated corpse which cannot be resurrected by any action,” First Deputy Speaker Mohammad Reza Bahonar told Iran’s parliament. “The action by the British Queen in knighting Salman Rushdie, the apostate, is an unwise one,” he said to loud applause from MPs. “The British monarch lives under this illusion that Britain is still a 19th Century superpower and that bestowing titles is something still deemed important.”

Religious Affairs Minister (of Pakistan government) Eijaz ul-Haq said, ““If someone commits suicide bombing to protect the honour of the Prophet Mohammad, his act is justified”

Oh please… it must be so great to live in these countries. If they think Britain believes itself a 19th century power, what century do these guys think they’re in?!

8 thoughts on “Iranian and Pakistani Governments On Rushdie

  1. Do u guys know the Pakistani President ( Cough Cough ARMY GENERAL DICTATOR Cough Cough ) has put a gag on all private media from newspapers to TV channels.

    The coming months are really going to shape the future of the Indian subcontinent.

  2. Eijaz ul-Haq is a wise man: what sort of deluded old lady must the Queen be, to think that honour has anything to do with knighthood?! In the 3rd millenium honour is all about strangling your own daughter, should you think she is seeing the wrong man… *rollingeyes*

    One more for the incinerator, Rem…

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