George Michael Swings Both Ways

Yes, it’s true – or at least, it might be – George Michael has started swinging. And he does it under the stage before his 25 Live stadium tour shows. According to an unnamed tabloid…

GEORGE MICHAEL has found a legal way to chill out — swinging in a hammock underneath the stage before his shows.He has insisted on the device to relax during his current tour, and no one dares disturb him.

At his City Of Manchester Stadium date he left his crew scratching their heads as he swayed away while support act SOPHIE ELLIS-BEXTOR wowed the crowds directly above him.

A source said: “George uses the hammock to relax and pick up the vibe of the crowd. He finds it is the best way to focus before he goes on to perform.”

[Source: tabloid]

5 thoughts on “George Michael Swings Both Ways

  1. This is hilarious and I don’t buy it for a moment. Just can’t imagine George swinging in a hammock . . .

    However, I do see there is a very credible source listed!

  2. I love hammocks. If it’s not true, he should get one. However, they are better suited for a beach house with the ocean roaring in the background.

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