Mad, Bad, Dangerous And On The Loose

Lucy Nowak is free. Update: Lucy Nowak might not be free actually.  However, George is quoted as saying.

In the last year and a half, I’ve had the Crown Prosecution Service release a stalker who basically was sending me death threats and breaking into my houses.

She broke into my house on seven occasions. Once she was living there for a week without me knowing. She’s smashed windows. She’s stolen money. She wore my clothes. I’ve seen her in my clothes on the street.

The police arrested her on two occasions and put her in a cell, and on both occasion the CPS let her go.

At the time, I didn’t want to make too much noise about it. But she was very ill and I should know I am safe from someone like that who’s sending me notes about Mark Chapman (Lennon’s killer) and John Lennon. It’s terrifying. I have to have locks put on windows and things like that, but the CPS didn’t see fit to make me safe from her.

Ho hum… Rem now off to check under his floorboards. No telling what might be lurking under there. Between Lucy, and Dr Who, it’s a scary world. All I can say to George is – Don’t blink. Don’t turn your back…

10 thoughts on “Mad, Bad, Dangerous And On The Loose

  1. He’s seen her wearing his clothes! WTF?!! Anyway, this whole time that she’s been locked up, was she locked up in a mental institution and receiving treatment? That was the impresion I got. So maybe she’s “okay” now –it’s been two and half years! What exactly does GM expect … that she be locked up forever?

  2. How does she looks like? I think they should lock her up inside a box and then throw he in the Pacific Ocean. It is really horrific to think that she is so ill. I personally don’t think she will evere be well.

  3. Pippi’s right, she will never be well and Evelyn’s right too, sometimes they do move their obsession on to another, usually after an average of 10yrs. Unfortunately, there is no real treatment and she is probably not even under supervision and they don’t continue their meds cause they don’t know they are delusional! Nothing funny here, she’s dangerous and has a role model, Chapman.

  4. As you know, drtoby, this is just the way life is. Many dangerous mentally ill people are wandering around freely in the community. George isn’t the only one at risk.
    Anyone that uses public transport in London, for example, also takes their life in their hands on a daily basis. And, they might not only be attacked by mentally ill people, but also drug-crazed people; or even perhaps blown up by Muslim terrorists. Or… worst of all, they could be killed by the weeping angels. That is perhaps the cruelest kind of murder there is. As I say, whatever you do… don’t blink…

  5. If you ever get assaulted by a gang of weeping angels, here’s a tip: get them to play ring o ring o roses. And see what happens…

    Alternatevely, practice your non-blinking skills… GOOD LUCK!

  6. Dr! here you are! quick we have a tardis to catch and a master to stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come – now!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I sound like a George-obsessive in my book I’ve written, but I’m not obsessed with him. Older album inspired me to see life as a journey, because I could relate to the sadness, misery and sorrow behind some of the songs. The vision which came into my mind inspired me to write my book eloquent and poetic. I visualized George as a beacon in the night. In September my book is getting published.

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