George And Ricky Shock…

And in a shock development, George Michael had dinner with Ricky Gervais the other night. Why did they have dinner? What did they talk about? What did they have to eat? What did they have to drink? How did they enjoy the evening? I have no idea. Only George, Ricky, and their dinner companions know the answers to these burning questions.

OK – this is not really news, I know…

[Source: tabloid photographic evidence]

6 thoughts on “George And Ricky Shock…

  1. That’s true, we don’t know what they said, but we know they drank expensive red wine (payed for, by George…)

  2. Stop slandering George please. We know he doesn’t drink. He just takes drugs. After all, if he drank, he might go home and beat up Kenny.

  3. According to sources:
    “Ricky, 45, was trying to persuade his 43-year-old chum to appear in his show Extras.”

  4. He drinks wine when dining. So he’s not teetotal. He admits he ‘barely’ drinks. Unlike me. LOL.

  5. Mr. Ricky Gervais is born on 25 June. Good to see George varying his life.

    H bth to them !

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