Big/Small, And/But Perfectly Formed…

And, in breaking news…

A mole’s gay friend dreamily recalls the halcyon days of 1985. Live Aid, footballers in crotch-hugging shorts, and oh – the night he met George Michael in The Chelsea Potter.

The star was still in Wham! at the time and, of course, rampantly heterosexual (at least as far as the whole world except him were concerned). The mole’s friend was certainly impressed at the speed with which Mr Panayiotou operated. Within an hour they were sharing Careless Whispers in a filthy squat, scoring some speed and engaging in frantic sex.

The mole’s friend’s favourite recollection of the night? George’s “perfectly formed cock”.

Sorry ladies and gentleman, no mention of size…  so it’s either “big and perfectly formed”, or “small but perfectly formed”.     Kenny – care to enlighten the viewing audience?   Or, perhaps Tracey Emin could draw a picture?

[Source:  unreliable, and rhymes with Joely Toely]

4 thoughts on “Big/Small, And/But Perfectly Formed…

  1. this is how you get stained with a lethal boring from an admin. contagious state of mind….

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