Honour Killings In The UK – Time For These People To Go

You may have heard about the story of the young Kurdish woman, Banaz Mahmod, who was murdered by her father and uncle for falling in love with a man they did not approve of. This happened in the UK. They were found guilty of murder yesterday. They had tried to kill her before. And prior to that, the father had beaten her, and called her a “whore” for becoming too “westernized”.

The court was told that the reason for the murder was that:

The family’s well-being and standing was at stake. There would be a loss of prestige unless the community saw that they had acted according to the old customs.

This was not an isolated incident. It is estimated that at least one woman a month is murdered in the UK by these kind of people. Well, here’s the deal for anyone from these communities that thinks these men acted in a reasonable way…

  • British people don’t give a fuck about your old customs – your culture is totally worthless. It’s about time you started living in the 21st century.
  • Get real – you don’t have any prestige to lose. You are losers. Didn’t anyone tell you that?
  • Please consider leaving the country without delay – you clearly don’t like the west. What the fuck are you doing here?

These people are no longer welcome in Britain. They should leave. Now. I really don’t care where they go. If no country will take them, perhaps they could be burnt, and their ashes uses as fertilizer. But whatever the solution is, I’ve had enough of this kind of behaviour. And it’s time to stop pandering to them. It’s clear they won’t change their behaviour. So, they either leave, or they can be exterminated. I pay too much tax as it is. These people are worthless, and I’m fucked if I’m spending any money keeping them in the luxury of prison.

What about some Patience, you ask? Sorry, mine just ran out…

10 thoughts on “Honour Killings In The UK – Time For These People To Go

  1. Honor killings is a terrible thing and kudos to you for making an entry in your blog about it. But your attitude towards these people…I mean, if they live in ignorance and self-hatred, what they need is your compassion, not your anger.

  2. Anyone that can murder their own child does not deserve compassion. I am not angry with them, by the way. I just don’t want them to exist in my country.

  3. Best post I’ve read in years. Well said – all of it.

    I mean: they clearly really dislike our customs and our mentality – all of them.

    I lived briefly in a Muslim country, and *I* felt like doing my best to not offend their (believe me, veeery sensitive) mentality and way of life – because I was a guest in their country.

    Now, why, if they come here, we have to bend over backwards to comply to their way of life? You’ll say: because we’re more civilised and tolerant. Quite right.
    Then, apreciate the efforts we make and behave accordingly, or fuck off to your holy shitholes, where people are waaaaaaaaay nicer, oh yeah (ie.: genocides occur in the majority of Muslim contries, day in and day out).


  4. Actually, I think I was showing them compassion by inviting them to leave the country or die. They clearly don’t like living in the UK. I sincerely hope they would be happier either living somewhere else, or scattered on a field where some vegetables are being grown organically.

  5. We already show them compassion. In their own beloved and just countries, they’d be hang or stoned to death (if they are women, that is…)

  6. The men are hypocrites I’m a white woman they made me masturbate myself on webcam they were happy to watch me. I’m a whore am I then they do things like this honor killings I feel dirty now. I can’t tell my hubbie for obvious reasons but I know hed be angry.

  7. Perfect post Remarkable, well said I agree with you. In Italy is the same, maybe worse …

  8. Refreshingly politically incorrect. Certain segments of the world population haven’t even entered the 20th century yet. If they want to live in a developped nation, they have new rules to follow. Shame-based cultures that place “prestige” and “appearances” over right and wrong in the name of “culture” have no place in more developped countries.

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