About the $100M Diamond Skull

You can’t have failed to see all the press about George Michael and Kenny Goss being rumoured to be putting in an offer of $100M (£50M) to buy the new Damien Hirst work – For the Love of God. The piece is a platinum cast of an old (hundreds of years old) human skull, covered in diamonds. It seems unlikely to me that George and Kenny will buy this… for one simple reason: the price tag.

I mean, George Michael is a rich man. He might even be worth a couple of hundred million – which qualifies him as super-rich. But he ain’t a billionaire. Usually, people that buy art in this price category are billionaires. If George does buy this skull, for anything close to $100M, he clearly has a lot more cash in his bank account than anyone ever thought…

Aside from all that, I think Hirst is asking way too much for the skull. Even being generous, I can’t see that it’s worth more than $40M… and I’d have thought anyone wanting to buy this piece would be looking to pay rather less than that.

6 thoughts on “About the $100M Diamond Skull

  1. Where is the beauty or interest in this skull? Why would anyone want to buy this head? LOL. Diamonds are meant to be worn so that everyone can admire them, where would you keep this skull?

  2. Wait a minute…I recognise that skull…GGGG Grandad John!

    If G and K did buy this thing, they really have got more money than sense…although for the gallery I suppose I could see the point…but even then…Jeez, it’s a lot of money!

  3. For most of us, correct that – probably ALL of us — it’s a lot of money, but if you are into amassing a collection of something (like contemporary art), you have no children, you have already provided for everyone in your life, you have all the other things that money can buy, like houses and cars, etc., and you are looking for a good investment that you can leave behind and that may mean something long after you are gone (as if his music isn’t enough), it may not be a bad idea!

  4. I think it’s a worthless piece of shit. I am definitely NOT a Damien Hirst fan. Just because something is ugly and/or disturbing, that doesn’t automatically make it great art. He and Tracy Emin are like the emperor’s new clothes — there’s just really nothing there.

  5. Thank you Kiru… thought so. I don’t think it’s worthless… that big 50 carat diamond on the forehead alone is worth about seven million dollars.

    I must admit though, whenever I’ve seen Hirst’s work in the flesh, it looks a bit cheap and empty… e.g. like someone just cut off a cow’s head, and threw it in a tank of formaldehyde for no reason.

    I actually do like some of Tracy’s pieces though – I think there’s more behind those than Hirst’s work, which doesn’t resonate with me at all.

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