Tabloid Journalist Kisses George’s Hairy Greek Arse

The showbiz section of one of the tabloids tries to attack George today over his Wembley show on Saturday (no link). I guess the team at that paper didn’t like George asking the media to kiss his arse😉 However, this particular attack fails pretty miserably.

Here’s some advice for the person involved: if you ever want to your criticisms to have even a slight chance of hitting their targets, you really will have to learn to get your facts straight. I don’t think there’s a single aspect of the aforementioned article that’s correct.

No wonder the journalist involved is a laughing stock, even in fleet street, for always getting her facts wrong. And when you think about it… just how rubbish do you have to be for other tabloid showbiz “journalists” to think you’re an idiot?!

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