Songs From Wembley On Yahoo!

As promised, live performances from, George Michael at Wembley, of the songs Outside, Spinning The Wheel, Freedom 90, and Idol, are now on-line at Yahoo! These are the same versions that went out on television (not re-edited); they’re perhaps a little better in terms of picture quality than the YouTube versions you’ve probably already seen.

2 thoughts on “Songs From Wembley On Yahoo!

  1. Nufaro’s in the bad books…. I haven’t been able to take my eyes of these ALL day!!!… – looks like ME being sent to the shed tonight😉 – x

    L & R

    ((((( “N” )))))

  2. Thank you Rem for putting this on your blog… great memories it gave me… but I gotta tell you… here, in Portugal, we were 25000 people, but we sang all time, we put our arms in the air all time, we screamed all the time… in the images shown you people were so well behaved!!! We enjoied every single second of the show. I guess GM says the same everywhere he goes, but from what I saw the portuguese were probably one of the best audience he had… that would be a good question to ask him…

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