Some Quick Facts About “Song To The Siren”

George Michael opened his historic Wembley gig with a song called, “Song To The Siren”. Lots of people have been asking about this song, so here’s five quick facts…

1. The song was written around forty years ago by folk-rock-jazz singer-songwriter Tim Buckley, with lyrics by Larry Beckett

2. The lyrics were inspired by classical Greek literature – Homer’s Odyssey

3. Tim Buckley died of a drug overdose shortly after completing a tour

4. The song was most famously covered This Mortal Coil (specifically by Robin Guthrie and Elizabeth Fraser of the Cocteau Twins) in the 1980 – this version appeared on the soundtrack to the David Lynch film – Lost Highway

5. George Michael sings the part of the “Cocteau” version (different lyrics to the original) of the song at his shows… which is tricky, ‘cos it’s always a bastard to hear the words Liz Fraser is actually singing…

One thought on “Some Quick Facts About “Song To The Siren”

  1. Last night show was SUPERB, I enjoyed it a lot even if after paying 100.00 I was let standing behind. I was so upset about my ticket which was measleading!! I so love that song, it sounds like a prayer, really really Beautiful,I ‘d like to ask him to realise it as a single just for his fans.

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