The Best Part Of The Chris Evans Interview

As you know, last night on UK television station Channel 4, there was an interview with George Michael, ahead of the Wembley Stadium show. Chris Evans did the interview, and it was a lot of fun -I’m sure everyone will get to see it soon. There was one bit that really made me laugh…

Chris and George were talking about all George’s previous performances at Wembley Stadium over the years. The talk turned to the Nelson Mandela 70th birthday tribue from 1988.

Chris: And did you meet Mr Mandela, on the day?

George: (with a look of total incredulity that anyone could be so stupid) Well he was still in prison…

Chris: Oh, was he?

George: (exasperated) Yes.

Chris: So he wasn’t there.

George: (now laughing) It was kind of the point of singing, you know…

Another funny thing they showed was that, yesterday, when arriving at Wembley for the show, a traffic marshal wouldn’t let George’s car through. Someone was holding a camcorder in George’s car, so they have, on film, the marshal saying – Sorry, I’d know him a mile away, and that is not George Michael. Off camera, we heard one of George’s people on the phone to someone inside the stadium saying something like – We’ve got a traffic marshal here who doesn’t believe we’ve got George…

As George said to the camcorder – Isn’t that fantastic?!

3 thoughts on “The Best Part Of The Chris Evans Interview

  1. one of the BEST interviews I have seen… and I totally agree… on both counts… hillarious…

    one more to add…

    George’s comments to Chris – referring to how uncomfortable he felt being interviewed by a guy he wasn’t wearing any socks!!!…

    so refreshing to see a so calming and relaxed “chat!”

    L & R

    (((( Nufaro ))))

  2. LOL…on the Marhsal saying “Sorry, I’d know him a mile away, and that is not George Michael.” When George was right there! Deja vu for me! Hahaha!

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