Songs From The New Wembley

So… the songs from tonight’s George Michael concert that officially opened the new Wembley Stadium, and were broadcast on Channel 4 in the UK, should be up on Yahoo! on Monday for a world-wide audience… they need to re-edit the footage I think (some shots the director chose tonight weren’t the best ones). The songs will be: Outside, Spinning The Wheel, Freedom 90, and Idol (unless George changes his mind).

Worth waiting for, I’d say…

PS By the way, for those wondering why George sang Freedom 90 twice tonight, it’s because the first time was for the television cameras.

Update: PPS  And about the Chris Evans interview?   Job done!  It was fun, and edited nicely to focus on George’s feelings about playing the new Wembley Stadium.

16 thoughts on “Songs From The New Wembley

  1. BTW he was amazing a really great entertainer and his vocals were amzing – and the set was fab!

  2. I am going on sunday night. What time did the gig start/finish ? (Just worried about how to get home) Who was the support ?

  3. No special guest, but with a performance like that, who needed one? He was amazing and was really putting everything into it.

    1st time I’ve ever been right at the front and what a difference it makes. Especially when he looks you directly in the eye and smiles. 8o)

  4. What a wonderful night, I enjoyed it so so much, George was on top form, really good gig, he looked so sexy wearing the Police uniform,wow..I I loved the song he opened the show with, tonight another one but, I am going to have a seat this time, it is a shame because I misunderstood the ticket when i bought it, he started at 8:00 o’clock last night.

  5. I saw the show on C4 last night (and nope “R” I didn’t need to use the shed xx)… how I smiled… especially over Chris’s gaff about Nelson Mandela!!..

    George “WAS” – as ever – superb and the crowd… well WHAT can I say…. they were in the palm of his hand (the audience just looked like a “sea of waves” – beautiful)… the boy done good…

    If he thought he was a lucky bastard before God knows how he must have felt when leaving the stage last night…

    L & R

    (((( Nufaro )))) xxx

  6. Went last night – fab, fab, fab – top performer, four rows front the front and, excuse me – he was singing to ME!!! no complaints, ‘Outside’ was superb, and ‘I’m your man’ tops too……..what was that farce called ‘Guilty Pleasures’??? Don’t know about Shoot the Dog, how about Shoot their Agent lol

  7. mmmmmmmmmm guilty pleasures ot so entertaining ….what happened to the very special guest????? george was fab as ever

  8. huge new wembley for a huge star. saw him at earls court thought his performance and songs were a little better however he was still amazing keep going george dont ever stop.

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