George Michael Sentenced. Escapes Jail, But Only Just.

George Michael has been banned from driving for two years, and will serve one hundred hours of community service (to be carried out over the next twelve months). George has requested the the community service will be to do with music, for example teaching young people to sing.

Emerging from court after receiving his sentence, George spoke to the press on the steps of the court house. He read from a hand-written statement on a small piece of paper, saying:

OK – don’t bother to ask any questions, because, believe me, I’m not going to answer ’em! So, if you just listen to this, as I haven’t had a chance legally to say anything for the last eight months. I would simply ask people to understand that the media coverage of this case has been farcical, concentrating almost entirely on the prosecution’s allegations. In reality, I have been sentenced today on the basis of unfit driving through tiredness and prescription medicines, which I fully accept responsibility for. I am glad to put this behind me, and now I’m off to do the biggest show of my life.

And with that, George jumped in his car and drove off… well, he didn’t drive, obviously…😉

It should be said that the judge took a very serious view of this case, and told George in court at one point today that he was in serious danger of receiving a jail sentence. In fact, at the beginnings of proceedings today, she told a stunned George that her starting point today was that she was planning to sentence him to jail.

It should also be said that it was never established in court whether or not his being unfit to drive was due to tiredness and prescription drugs (as George claims) or due to illegal drugs. In the end, the judge simply sentenced George on the basis of the state of his unfitness at the time of his arrest.

I think it was actually pretty generous of the judge not to dig further into the issue of what was the true cause of George’s condition. She had to put up with a fair amount of bullshit from George’s defence team. For example, in explaining why George was out in his car that night, his lawyer said that George’s DVD player in his Highgate house was broken, and so he decided to drive to his Hampstead house to watch a DVD of his Paris concert; and explaining why a driving ban would be a genuine hardship, he said that it would be difficult for George to use public transport for “security reasons”. Sometimes, you really have to wonder about the quality of the people that George hires – expecting the judge to listen to such total bollocks can lead to only one thing: the judge feeling irritated.  Nevertheless, this second lawyer is a lot better than the first one – at least this one navigated George towards a pretty good outcome.

In the end, I guess she figured knowing the answer wouldn’t affect the sentence she handed out – she had already decided this was at the upper end of the seriousness for this offence. This is a great result for George as regards his US tour now going ahead. Expect an announcement on that in days (he might have to get the US Embassy in London to give him the required visa before they can announce the tour).

12 thoughts on “George Michael Sentenced. Escapes Jail, But Only Just.

  1. Good luck George!!! Crossing my fingers for you! Hope you learn your lesson well…

  2. one hundred hours “community” service… well me thinks that’s the duration of his stage performance on the Stadium tour ;)… I jest of course… thank goodness NO prison sentence…

    L & R

    ((( Nufaro )))

  3. While I think 2 years driving ban is a bit excesive…I think pressure might have been put on that judge NOT to give him jail. This is about as high as she could go without actually giving him a custodial sentance I’m guessing? He was lucky…he escaped jail by the skin of his teeth…this time? PLEASE George…be a good boy in the future…all this worry does me NO GOOD at my age!! LOL!😉

  4. I’m not sure that any pressure would have been put on the judge. I think she struggled with sentencing, because she was trying to figure out how to impress upon George how serious the offence was.
    The problem is: how the hell to you really punish someone with worth a hundred million quid? No fine is large enough (maximum available to her was be £5,000, which is like you or me being fined 5p.). Banning from driving is almost nothing – he already employs a kind of general “man servant” who has to be available 24 hours a day; who walks his dogs, drives him around, collects his post from the office etc. If George needs to hire an additional driver to provide true 24 hour cover, it’s not like that’s much of an expense for him. So, for George, a driving ban is no more than a minor inconvenience.
    A jail sentence would certainly be a major punishment. But then, would that be too much of a punishment, given that this is a first offence. Clearly, that was a finely balanced decision. A suspended jail sentence is really only useful if you believe that someone is likely to re-offend; if they’re not, it’s not really a punishment. Which left her with community service. The thing about community service is that it requires someone to give up their time… and I guess she came to the view that, for someone like George, time is the most valuable commodity to give up.

  5. Not really sure that I agree with George’s comments about being found guilty through “tiredness and precription drugs” if that was true, then why would the judge have seriously considered a jail term?

    Oh well, all’s well that ends well I suppose. But there won’t be any second chances.

  6. Nav, the jail term consideration was to do with the level of “unfitness”. The point is – George was found at the wheel being semi-conscious and could not be roused into any kind of “normal” state; maybe a bit like if he’d drunk twenty pints of lager. Being in that kind of state while driving is enough to get you a jail sentence. So, in that sense, it really doesn’t matter what the cause of the “unfitness” actually was…

  7. Not sure I agree about a 2 year driving ban being a minor inconvience…it will put a serious dent in his ‘nocternal activities’! What if he wants to go for a ‘wander’ on Hampstead Heath in the middle of the night? I can’t see George as the kind of person that would have someone in his employ who knows his personal life THAT closely…too easy for them to sell everything they know to the highest bidder at a later date.

  8. Is there anyone left that doesn’t know the intimate details of George’s “private” life?!

    It’s actually pretty easy to stop people in your employ from selling things to the highest bidder, because you can legally prevent them from benefitting financially from this.

  9. Thank goodness sanity prevailed. In fact, even if you took drugs out of the equation, the fact that he was suffering from intractable insomnia could entirely explain his impaired state. Going without sleep for only 24 hours puts your level of impairement at .1 if compared to alcohol, going for a few nights without sleep and it would be well above that. Thankfully no one got hurt.

  10. Caff, he lives really close to Hampstead Heath doesn’t he? I’m sure he could walk!

  11. George all the best for tomorrow, I cannot wait to see you on stage, it’s going to be fantastic, enjoy the shows, I cannot wait to see you on Sunday as well, lots of lovexxxxxx.

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