George Doesn’t Like Looking Cheap And Old

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Celebrity Strife-Strop

Chris Evans has interviewed George Michael about his upcoming Wembley concerts, but the feature, due to be shown on Channel 4 this Saturday, was nearly pulled from the schedules after George had a major hissy fit.

The Greek prima donna was worried that the promotional trailers looked ‘cheap and old’, conveniently forgetting the fact that they largely featured footage of himself, looking cheap and old. Cue George screaming, ‘If they don’t remake the promos, they’re not coming in to film me!’ Unfortunately the broadcaster didn’t call his bluff and has begun new promos at outrageous expense.

(George is proud of the fact that he will be the first performer to sing live at the new Wembley, but late in the day he realised that if he had any support acts then they would take the honour away from him. Cue the sacking of support bands and the installation of a DJ instead, placating his massive ego).

[Source: one that’s sometimes reliable]

4 thoughts on “George Doesn’t Like Looking Cheap And Old

  1. does that mean “No” support acts at all or just for the Wembley show?!!

    L & R

    ((( Nufaro ))) xx

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