Whispers Is Back Back Back! For One Time Only!

Hi everyone, this is Whispers. I’m your guest blogger for this afternoon. You might remember me from my days at “No. 1 Magazine” in the 80s – I used to hang out wherever George did. I don’t do that anymore though. These days, for some reason, I seem to find myself wherever Kenny Goss is.

Now, I’m not saying that what I’m about to say is true, and I’m not saying it’s going to happen – but when I got talking to Kenny and Geri Halliwell the other night at Scott’s (nice to have a bit of variation from The Ivy, and Caprice… or not) all they could talk about was Geri’s new talk show on ITV. Specifically, they were more than a bit excited about their plans to get George on the show – the first ever “George and Kenny” interview as a couple.

“I want us to be like the gay Peter and Jordan, or the gay Posh and Becks,” cooed Kenny.

“Do you think George will go out with me, if we spend a bit more time together. Do you think I should be wearing this transparent dress?” replied Geri, who clearly hadn’t  been listening.

Of course, I told them that George knew all about their plan, and so had made his own plans to spend his summer out of the way in America. But I don’t think they understood.

2 thoughts on “Whispers Is Back Back Back! For One Time Only!

  1. Well, I happen to like Geri, and since I am currently a part of a Kenny/Geri, Will/Grace situation….kudos to her !!!

  2. Well…I serious think that Kenny could never ever be a “Jordan” (am I correct that this Jordan is really Katie?) First of all in the looks dept. Kenny doesn’t come close to Jordan…plus you could look straight at Kenny’s face and not be distracted with the “TWINS”! LOL! And on the Posh situation….maybe, just maybe Kenny would be able to do that with Posh’s new man hairdo she sports! But I don’t think Kenny has the fashion standards as Posh does…or is her name Victoria..I don’t really know because I never really followed The Spice Girls in the 90’s. They seemed soo like here today gone tomorrow too me. 🙂

    Love and such,

    Denise Michele

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