George’s Tattoos

A number of people have long been wondering if George Michael has any tattoos. Well, it’s time to put them out of their misery. No – not like that! So, here’s the answer…

George currently has two tattoos. He has: the letters “BSA” tattooed on his left buttock in a kind of curly script; and and an illustration of a gold cross earring on his right ankle. In a couple of months, he is planning to have the words “CHOOSE LIFE” tattooed on his forehead, if he can pluck up the courage.  Interestingly, George also used to have the “Faith symbols” on his knuckles,  but he had those removed by laser surgery.

For information, Kenny likes tattoos too. He has the words “Explore Monogamy” tattooed in large letters, right across his back.

[Source: Someone that won’t be joining George on stage this weekend]

3 thoughts on “George’s Tattoos

  1. Ahhh…so that answers my questions! LMFAO!

    pss…is the source Country singing Kenny???

  2. There is also a tattoo on his other butt cheek that is done in the image of the undercover police officer Rodrigues who arrested him. GM obviously didn’t think it was enough of a tribute, so he wrote a song about their brief time together called A MOMENT WITH YOU.

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