No Wanking In The Back Garden!

Summer is here, and the mind of a popstar that’s about to play Wembley naturally turns to masturbation.   And… if you think your garden isn’t overlooked, you might just be tempted to have a wank in your back garden, by the pool.

But Stop!  Be careful!

In 2007, there’s really no such thing as “not overlooked”.    All it takes is for Jack Bauer to ask Chloe to focus the satellite in the right place, and you’ll be caught with your pants down… literally.

Fortunately, George wasn’t masturbating when this photograph was taken, but he very easily might have been.

So, be careful out there people…

7 thoughts on “No Wanking In The Back Garden!

  1. I had to go behind Mr Buchannon’s back for this, Jack, and I’m not proud of it, but… I have now re-positioned the satellite.

    George, we’re watching………………..

    Chloe O’Brian
    CTU – Internet Protocol Manager, Los Angeles Domestic Unit

  2. It looks like a blond boy with black shirt and white shinpads sitting in the corner.

  3. You seem to forget Chloe that I am now in charge, however since its dealing with Mr. Michael I will let it slide this time.

  4. @ Nadia: Are you (in charge)? Well, giving this “insignificant detail” seemed to slip your mind when CTU was undergoing the assault, I thought that was now the official line.

  5. Nadia – Don’t beat yourself up about that. It’s not your fault.

    Chloe – I know you’re going through a rough patch with Morris, and the pregnancy is a shock, but you need to stop taking it out on Nadia.

    Now, do we have any leads on Panayiotou yet?

  6. Yes Bill, you’re right, I should stop taking it out on Nadia, and perhaps you should stop fantasising about taking it out FOR Nadia.😉

  7. WHAT THE H.????? What are these alegations that Bill’s wanting to get into Ms Yasser’s knickers?!!

    Bill, I do hope you have a good explanation for this!!!

    *Karen rushes off to the Oval Office…*

    Karen Hayes
    White House – Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs/National Security Advisor

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